United States Senate election in Virginia, 1990

United States Senate election in Virginia, 1990

November 5, 1990
Turnout 25.5% (voting eligible)[1]

Nominee John Warner Nancy Spannaus
Party Republican Independent
Popular vote 876,782 196,755
Percentage 80.9% 18.2%

U.S. Senate election results map. Red denotes counties/districts won by Warner.

U.S. Senator before election

John Warner

Elected U.S. Senator

John Warner

The 1990 United States Senate election in Virginia took place on November 5, 1990. Incumbent Republican U.S. Senator John W. Warner won re-election to a third term. No Democrat filed to run against him as he won every single county and city in the state with over 60% of the vote. Independent Nancy B. Spannaus (an affiliate of the controversial Lyndon LaRouche) got 18% of the vote, as she was the only other candidate on the ballot besides Warner.


United States Senate election in Virginia, 1990[2]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Republican John Warner (Incumbent) 876,782 80.91% +10.86%
Independent Nancy Spannaus 196,755 18.16%
Write-ins 10,153 0.94% +0.93%
Majority 680,027 62.75% +22.65%
Turnout 1,083,690
Republican hold Swing

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