Ullerwood Castle

Map showing the location of Ullerwood Castle within Greater Manchester.

Ullerwood Castle is an early medieval castle, possibly a shell keep, in Ringway, Greater Manchester, England (grid reference SJ8083).[1] The castle is first referred to in 1173, in a document stating Hamo de Masci held the castles of Ullerwood and Dunham.[2] There is no other contemporary documented reference to the castle.[2] Ullerwood Castle has been confused with Watch Hill Castle in nearby Bowdon, but the two are separate castles, though both probably owned by de Masci.[2] The site is underneath a house and surrounded by trees.[3]

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Coordinates: 53°20′37″N 2°18′07″W / 53.3435°N 2.3019°W / 53.3435; -2.3019

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