Tvrdoš Monastery

Tvrdoš Monastery
The Monastery
Location within Bosnia and Herzegovina
Monastery information
Full name Тврдош
Order Serbian Orthodox
Established 15th century
Diocese Eparchy of Zahumlje and Herzegovina
Location Trebinje, Republika Srpska
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Coordinates 42°43′07″N 18°17′48″E / 42.7186°N 18.2967°E / 42.7186; 18.2967Coordinates: 42°43′07″N 18°17′48″E / 42.7186°N 18.2967°E / 42.7186; 18.2967

Tvrdoš Monastery (Serbian Cyrillic: Тврдош) is a 15th-century Serbian Orthodox monastery near the city of Trebinje, Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The 4th-century foundations of the first Roman church on the site are still visible.

The monastery, which is dedicated to the Dormition of the Most Holy Theotokos,[1] was established during the 15th century, with a cathedral constructed around 1508 and painted with murals by Vicko Lavrov from Dubrovnik in 1517. The monastery remained a seat of the Metropolitans of Herzegovina until the Venetian Empire destroyed it in 1694. The current monastery building was constructed in 1924. Today, the monastery is renowned for its wine production (in particular from the local Vranac and Žilavka grape varieties) and its wine cellars, one of which dates to the 15th century,[2] which are a popular tourist attraction.

As of late 2016, the monastery remains on the Provisional List for status as a National Monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina.[3]

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