Turkish capture of Smyrna

Turkish capture of Smyrna
Part of the Greco-Turkish War (1919–22)

The entry of the Turkish Army into İzmir. (77 cm × 53 cm, Museum of Ataturk and the War of Independence Museum)
Date9 September 1922
LocationSmyrna, Ottoman Empire (modern İzmir, Turkey)

Decisive Turkish victory

Greek withdrawal from western Anatolia
Grand National Assembly Greece
Commanders and leaders
Fahrettin Pasha Aristeidis Stergiadis
40,000 (İzmir's Defense, 4 divisions)[1]

The Turkish capture of Smyrna (Turkish: İzmir'in Kurtuluşu; Liberation of İzmir) was the final phase of the Great Offensive and last conflict of the Turkish War of Independence.[1] After the Turkish Army inflicted heavy losses on the Greek Army at Dumlupınar, on 30 August 1922, Greek forces were constantly retreating towards Smyrna (modern İzmir) as the Turkish Army's westward advance continued. On the eve of Turkish arrival, Greek forces left the city, and on 8 September, at ten o' clock in the morning, the Greek administration ceased to exist in Smyrna.[2] On 9 September 1922, the Turkish Army entered İzmir from the east (Kemalpaşa).


9 September is considered a local holiday commemorating the Liberation of İzmir in the İzmir Province, Turkey. Dokuz Eylül University (9 September University) is named in honor of the event. Mustafa Kemal (later Atatürk) who founded the Republican People's Party chose 9 September 1923 as the establishment date of his party as a reminder of the capture of Smyrna.

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