True Montenegro

True Montenegro
Prava Crna Gora
Права Црна Гора
Leader Marko Milačić
Founded 29 January 2018
Headquarters Podgorica
Ideology Right-wing populism
Social conservatism
Serbian-Montenegrin unionism
Political position Right-wing
Colours Light blue and dark red
0 / 81
Local Parliaments
2 / 786

The True Montenegro (Montenegrin: Prava Crna Gora / Права Црна Гора, PCG) is an extra-parliamentary populist political party in Montenegro, formed in January 2018 from the political movement Resistance to Hopelessness (OB), prior to the March 2018 presidential election.[1] The founder and current leader of True Montenegro is Marko Milačić, former journalist and political activist. The party has no seats in the Parliament of Montenegro, and is yet to contest the parliamentary election.


After a series of unsuccessful attempts by the entire opposition to nominate a common candidate for 2018 presidential election Executive Board of newly formed True Montenegro has decided to support the previously-announced candidacy of the party leader Marko Milačić for President of Montenegro. After handing over more than 8,000 signatures of support to Montenegrin State Electoral Commission on 8 March, Milačić started his presidential campaign under the slogan "Bravely, (there has been) enough waiting".[2] Milačić came fourth in the election, winning 2.8% of the votes.


The main goals of the party is to overthrow the ruling Democratic Party of Socialists of Milo Đukanović, which has been in power since the introduction of multi-party system, withdrawal Montenegro from NATO, proclamation of military neutrality and withdrawal of Montenegro soldiers from all military missions abroad and to reduce the polarization of society.

Party leader Milačić maintains cooperation with certain regional populist politicians, activists and conspiracy theorists, such as Croatian Human Shield MP Ivan Pernar, Bosnian conceptual artist and activist Damir Nikšić and Serbian-Canadian right-wing activist Boris Malagurski.


Presidential elections

President of Montenegro
Election year Candidate # 1st round votes % # 2nd round votes % Notes
2018 Marko Milačić 4th 9,405 2.81% N/A


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