Tristutik Gaccha

Tristutik Gaccha was a Murtipujaka Svetambara Jain Gaccha (religious grouping) preceding the founding of the Tapa Gaccha by Acharya Rajendrasuri. It was re-established in 1194 AD ( Vikram Samvat 1250.) It was known as Agama Gaccha in ancient times. The Tristutik believed in devotion to the Tirthankaras alone in most rituals, although offerings to helper divinities were made during large ceremonies.

The Tristutik Gaccha was reformed by Acharya Rajendrasuri and as per tradition of Jainism it is a part of Tapa Gachca. Presently this sect has a total 357 monks and nuns with four Acharyas.

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  • Jain Paramapara nou Itihaas-Part-2,page 391.
  • Gachcha Mata Prabandha, by Acharya Buddhisagar Suri.

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