Trip planner

A trip planner is a website dedicated to travelling which aims to help the users plan their individual trips to different destinations. The site contains a vast database of points of interest, restaurants and tours often enhanced with user reviews. The site may also offer booking of travel related services (such as hotel or car hire).

Video-based trip planner

With a video-based trip planner, a user can generate a travel itinerary by adding points of interest while watching videos.

Automated trip planner

Automated trip planners generate your itinerary automatically, based on the information you provide. One way is to submit the desired destination, dates of your trip and interests and the plan will be created in a while. Another way is to provide the necessary information by forwarding confirmation e-mails from airlines, hotels and car rental companies.[1]

Custom trip planner

With a custom trip planner the user creates one’s own travel itinerary individually by picking the appropriate activities from a database. Some of these websites offer pre-built databases of points of interest, while others rely on user generated content.

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