Trampoline Gymnastics World Championships

The Trampoline World Championships are the World Championships for trampolining. They were originally held annually from 1964–1968. The frequency was switched to biennially from 1970–1998. The admission of trampolining to the Olympic Games required a switch to holding the World Championship as a qualifier in the year before the Olympics from 1999.


Year Edition Host City Country Men's Champion
(Individual Trampoline)
Women's Champion
(Individual Trampoline)
Events First in the Medal Table Second in the Medal Table Third in the Medal Table
19641London England Dan Millman Judy Wills2 United States England South Africa
19652London England Gary Erwin Judy Wills5 United States England West Germany
19663Lafayette USA Wayne Miller Judy Wills6 United States South Africa West Germany
19674London Great Britain David Jacobs Judy Wills4 United States West Germany Great Britain
19685Amersfoort Netherlands David Jacobs Judy Wills4 United States West Germany Great Britain
19706Bern  Switzerland Wayne Miller Renee Ransom4 United States South Africa West Germany
19727Stuttgart West Germany Paul Luxon Alexandra Nicholson4 United States Great Britain West Germany
19748Johannesburg South Africa Richard Tison Alexandra Nicholson4 United States West Germany France
19769Tulsa USA Evgeni Janes &
Richard Tison
Svetlana Levina8 United States Soviet Union France
197810Newcastle Australia Evgeni Janes Tatiana Anismova8 United States Soviet Union West Germany
198011Brig  Switzerland Stewart Matthews Ruth Keller8 United States Great Britain West Germany
198212Bozeman USA Carl Furrer Ruth Keller14 United States Australia Great Britain
 West Germany
198413Osaka Japan Lionel Pioline Susan Shotton14 United States Australia Great Britain
198614Paris France Lionel Pioline Tatyana Lushina14 Soviet Union United States West Germany
198815Birmingham USA Vadim Krasnoshapka Rusudan Khoperia14 Soviet Union United States Australia
199016Essen West Germany Alexander Moskalenko Yelena Merkulova14 Soviet Union France Australia
199217Auckland New Zealand Alexander Moskalenko Yelena Merkulova14 CIS United States France
199418Porto Portugal Alexander Moskalenko Irina Karavayeva14 Russia United States France
199619Vancouver Canada Dmitri Poliaroush Tatyana Kovaleva14 United States France Russia
199820Sydney Australia German Khnychyov Irina Karavayeva14 Russia New Zealand France
199921Sun City South Africa Alexander Moskalenko Irina Karavayeva14 Russia Canada Ukraine
200122Odense Denmark Alexander Moskalenko Anna Dogonadze14 Russia Ukraine Portugal
200323Hannover Germany Henrik Stehlik Karen Cockburn14 Russia Canada Great Britain
200524Eindhoven Netherlands Alexander Rusakov Irina Karavayeva14 Russia China Portugal
200725Quebec Canada Ye Shuai Irina Karavayeva14 Russia China Canada
200926Saint Petersburg Russia Dong Dong Huang Shanshan14 China Russia Portugal
201027Metz France Dong Dong Li Dan8 China Russia Canada
201128Birmingham Great Britain Lu Chunlong He Wenna14 China Canada Russia
201329Sofia Bulgaria Dong Dong Rosie MacLennan14 China Great Britain United States
201430Daytona Beach USA Tu Xiao Liu Lingling8 China Russia United States
201531Odense Denmark Gao Lei Li Dan14 China Russia United States
201732Sofia Bulgaria Gao Lei Tatsiana Piatrenia14 China Russia Belarus
201833Saint Petersburg RussiaFuture event
201934Tokyo JapanFuture event
202135Baku AzerbaijanFuture event

All-time medal count

Updated after the 2017 Trampoline World Championships.

Men's events

Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Russia33192072
2 United States32312184
3 China2518245
4 Soviet Union137525
5 France11141641
6 Australia1081129
7 Great Britain(1)881127
8 Portugal85619
9 Canada661022
10 Belarus5121027
11 Germany47516
12 Japan44917
13 West Germany371222
14 CIS(2)3014
15 Brazil2125
16 Poland151016
17 South Africa15511
18 Ukraine1168
19 Bulgaria1113
20 New Zealand1001
21  Switzerland0336
22 Denmark0235
23 Spain0123
24 Scotland(3)0101
26 Netherlands0011

Women's events

Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 United States36302490
2 Russia32191566
3 China238435
4 Soviet Union126422
5 Canada10191948
6 Great Britain(1)9211949
7 West Germany8101028
8 France881026
9 Ukraine611623
10 New Zealand64111
11 Australia48820
12 Germany47819
13 Portugal3249
14 Belarus27918
15 South Africa231217
16  Switzerland2125
17 Netherlands1225
18 CIS(2)1102
19 Belgium0235
20 Japan0202
21 Bulgaria0112
22 Argentina0101
23 Poland0022
25 Slovenia0011

Mixed events

Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 United States1001
2 West Germany0101
3 Great Britain(1)0011


Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 United States696145175
2 Russia653835138
3 China4826680
4 Soviet Union2513947
5 France19222667
6 Great Britain(1)17293177
7 Canada16252970
8 Australia14161949
9 West Germany11182251
10 Portugal1171028
11 Germany8141335
12 Belarus7191945
13 Ukraine7121231
14 New Zealand74112
15 Japan46919
16 CIS(2)4116
17 South Africa381728
18  Switzerland24511
19 Brazil2125
20 Poland151218
21 Netherlands1236
22 Bulgaria1225
23 Belgium0235
25 Spain0123
27 Argentina0101
29 Slovakia0011
(1) The official report of the 1965 Trampoline World Championships lists bronze medalist in men's tumbling Peter Davies as an athlete representing Wales (WAL).[1] Similarly, official reports credit a silver and bronze medals earned at the 1964 and 1965 editions as a medals for England, instead of Great Britain.[2][3] However, the official records from the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) state that Davies represented Great Britain (GBR).[4] Also, these records indicate that medals once credited to England are officially considered to be awarded to Great Britain.[4] Keeping up with the official records by FIG, the medals are credited to Great Britain instead of Wales or England.
(2) Official reports credit medals earned by athletes from former Soviet Union at the 1992 Trampoline World Championships in Auckland, New Zealand as medals for CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States).
(3) Official documents from the International Gymnastics Federation credit a silver medal earned at the 1982 edition as a medal for Scotland, instead of Great Britain.[5][6]

Multiple gold medalists

Boldface denotes active trampolinists and highest medal count among all trampolinists (including these who not included in these tables) per type.


All events

Rank Trampolinist Country From To Gold Silver Bronze Total
1Alexander Moskalenko Soviet Union
2Dong Dong China20072017115117
3Tu Xiao China2007201793-12
4German Khnychyov CIS
5Dmitri Poliaroush Soviet Union
6Adrian Wareham Australia1982199864313
7Brett Austine Australia1978198863211
8Vadim Krasnoshapka Soviet Union1984198861-7
9Yang Song China2007201555-10
10Igor Bogachyov Soviet Union198419885117

Individual events

Rank Trampolinist Country From To Gold Silver Bronze Total
1Alexander Moskalenko Soviet Union
2Dong Dong China200720173317
3Yang Song China2009201532-5
4Brett Austine Australia197819883126
5Mikhail Zalomin Russia2013201731-4
6Steve Elliott United States198019842114
Adrian Wareham Australia198819942114
8David Jacobs United States1966196821-3
9Pascal Eouzan France198819942-13
Wayne Miller United States196519702-13
Chris Mitruk Canada199619992-13
Levon Petrosyan Russia199820012-13


All events

Rank Trampolinist Country From To Gold Silver Bronze Total
1Irina Karavayeva Russia19942010125219
2Zhong Xingping China2005201792-11
3Judy Wills United States196419689--9
4Anna Korobeynikova Russia1998201785316
5Chrystel Robert France1988199984113
6Jia Fangfang China201120178--8
7Li Dan China2009201571210
Tatyana Lushina Soviet Union
9Kylie Walker New Zealand1988199864-10
10Yelena Bluzhina Russia1998200561-7

Individual events

Rank Trampolinist Country From To Gold Silver Bronze Total
1Judy Wills United States196419687--7
2Irina Karavayeva Russia1994200752-7
3Anna Korobeynikova Russia200320174228
4Chrystel Robert France199019994116
5Jia Fangfang China201120174--4
6Kylie Walker New Zealand1990199831-4
7Jill Hollembeck United States198219863--3
8Olena Chabanenko Ukraine2001200722-4
9Ruth Schumann (Keller)  Switzerland197619842114
10Li Dan China201020152-24

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