Tongan Australians

Tongan Australians
Total population
  • 25,096 (by ancestry, 2011)[1]
  • 10,560 (by birth, 2011).[2]
Regions with significant populations
Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne
English, Tongan
Related ethnic groups

Tongan Australians are Australians who are of ethnic Tongan descent or Tonga-born people.


According to the 2011 Australian census 10,560 Australians were born in Tonga, while 25,096 claimed Tongan ancestry.[2] In 2006, 18,426 claimed Tongan ancestry, either alone or with another ancestry.[1]


Tongan migrants to Australia have tended to make their homes in the "arrival city" suburbs of Sydney's west. This pattern began in the 1970s, intensified in the 1980s, and continues today.[3] As of 2011, over 60% of Tongan-born Australians live in the state of New South Wales.[4]

The 2006 Australian census recorded that the majority of the Tongan Australians (4920 people) live in New South Wales, followed by Victoria (with 1190 people) and Queensland (1090).[5]

Despite there being relatively few Australians of Tongan descent, Tongan Australians have excelled in the football codes of Rugby League and Rugby Union as evidenced by the list of notable Tongan Australians which include:

Notable Tongan Australians

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