Tillari (Main) Dam

Not to be confused with Tillari (Forebay) Dam.
Tillari Dam
Location of Tillari Dam in Maharashtra
Official name Tillari (Main) Dam D04937
Location Chandgad
Coordinates 15°47′55″N 74°20′36″E / 15.798696°N 74.343281°E / 15.798696; 74.343281Coordinates: 15°47′55″N 74°20′36″E / 15.798696°N 74.343281°E / 15.798696; 74.343281
Opening date 1986[1]
Owner(s) Government of Maharashtra, India
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Gravity
Impounds Tillari river
Height 38.05 m (124.8 ft)
Length 485 m (1,591 ft)
Dam volume 250 km3 (60 cu mi)
Total capacity 92,020 km3 (22,080 cu mi)
Surface area 9,290 km2 (3,590 sq mi)

Tillari (Main) Dam, is a gravity dam on Tillari river near Chandgad, Kolhapur district in the state of Maharashtra in India.


The height of the dam above lowest foundation is 38.05 m (124.8 ft) while the length is 485 m (1,591 ft). The volume content is 250 km3 (60 cu mi) and gross storage capacity is 113,266.00 km3 (27,173.96 cu mi).[2]


  • Hydroelectricity

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