Theodora of Alexandria

Saint Theodora of Alexandria
Miniature of St. Theodora in the Menologion of Basil II (11c.)
Venerated in Eastern Orthodox Church, Oriental Orthodox Church, Roman Catholic Church[1]
Feast 11 September

Theodora of Alexandria was a saint and Desert Mother who was married to a prefect of Egypt. In order to perform penance for a sin she committed, she disguised herself as a man and joined a monastery in Thebaid. Her true identity as a woman was discovered only after her death.[2]

A rare image of Theodora in Western art is a print by Bernardino Capitelli, made in 1627 for Theodora Costa dal Pozzo, showing St Theodora of Alexandria disguised as a monk and caring for the child that she was accused of fathering (Vienna: Graphische Sammlung Albertina).[3]


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