The Sea Wolf (1993 film)

The Sea Wolf
Based on The Sea-Wolf by Jack London
Screenplay by Andrew J. Fenady
Directed by Michael Anderson
Music by Charles Bernstein
Country of origin
  • United States
  • Canada
Original language(s) English
Executive producer(s)
  • Bob Banner
  • Andrew J. Fenady
  • Duke Fenady
  • W. Paterson Ferns
Cinematography Glen MacPherson
Editor(s) Nick Rotundo
Running time 90 minutes
Production company(s) Turner Entertainment
Distributor TNT
Original network TNT
Original release April 18, 1993 (1993-04-18)

The Sea Wolf is a 1993 American-Canadian made-for-television adventure drama film directed by Michael Anderson, starring Charles Bronson, Catherine Mary Stewart and Christopher Reeve. It is based on Jack London's novel The Sea-Wolf.

The film was nominated for Outstanding Music Composition for a Miniseries, Movie, or a Special at the 45th Primetime Emmy Awards.[1]


Jack London's brutal Wolf Larson brings a shipwrecked aristocrat and a con woman aboard his doomed ship, the Ghost.



Ray Loynd wrote for the Los Angeles Times:

The production rivals the classic Edward G. Robinson remake (Warner Bros., 1942), generally cited as the strongest of all six prior "Sea Wolf" movies (including three silents). ... Bronson, playing what's probably his first thinking man's heavy, seems right at home as the power-maddened Wolf Larsen butting heads and spouting lines from Milton ("It's better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven"). But it's Reeve's character, compelled to claw his way out of the galley as the spat-upon cabin boy, who does all the changing in this sea-tossed crucible of fire.[2]


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