The Christmas Channel

The Christmas Channel
Type Seasonal Radio network
Country United States
Availability National
Owner Cumulus Media Networks
(through Cumulus Media)
Launch date
November 26, 1998 as seasonal programming block.
November 23, 2006 as separate channel.
Official website
Christmas On the Air

The Christmas Channel is an American radio network that primarily airs traditional and popular Christmas music to 35 affiliate radio stations across the United States. The Christmas Channel is a property of Cumulus Media Networks (through Cumulus Media) and is active from the day before Thanksgiving Day through Christmas Day.


"The Christmas Channel" started out as seasonal programming on ABC Radio's Memories/Unforgettable Favorites satellite format in 1998 under The Walt Disney Company's control. On Thanksgiving Day, ABC Radio would switch programming to Christmas music and the day after Christmas Day, it would switch back to regular programming. With the merger of "Unforgettable Favorites" and "Timeless Classics" in 2006, "The Christmas Channel" became a stand-alone network. In 2007, this network (as well as other ABC Radio formats) were transferred to Citadel Broadcasting. Citadel merged with Cumulus Media on September 16, 2011.[1]

Citadel has indicated that The Christmas Channel would air, instead of on its usual separate channel, in place of the Classic Hits format Citadel distributes for the 2010 season. The stand-alone network returned in 2011, this time launching on November 1 to accommodate early adopters.[2]

Cumulus Media Networks was the only commercial network to carry such a seasonal format; its former competitor, Dial Global, along with its recently purchased assets Jones and Waitt did not offer such a format. As Cumulus Media Networks merged with Dial Global to form the new Westwood One networks, it is unknown if The Christmas Channel would continue from 2014 on.

Sample Hour of Programming

Affiliates (partial list)

Data as of December 6, 2007.[3]


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