The Chris Isaak Show

The Chris Isaak Show
Created by William Lucas Walker
Starring Chris Isaak
Kristin Dattilo
Jed Rees
Hershel Yatovitz
Rowland Salley
Kenney Dale Johnson
Jennifer Calvert (2001)
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 47
Running time 45 min. per episode
Production company(s) C.I. Productions
Once and Future Films
Phoenix Pictures
Original network Showtime
Original release March 12, 2001 (2001-03-12) – March 25, 2004 (2004-03-25)

The Chris Isaak Show is a television sitcom which follows a fictionalized version of the life of American rock musician Chris Isaak. The show portrays Isaak and his band members as everyday people with everyday problems.[1] The series was produced for the Showtime channel from 2001–2004, and was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, which stands in for the show's home setting of San Francisco.[1][2]

The series featured Isaak and several members of his band, Silvertone, portraying themselves. Other roles were portrayed by actors, including Jed Rees as Isaak's keyboardist. Rees (who had studied piano, though much of his character's keyboard work is performed by a session player)[2] was hired in place of Isaak's actual keyboardist Brett Tuggle (a part-time band member)[2] to add some comedy to the show. Other characters featured on the show include Yola Gaylen, Isaak's manager and her colleague, Cody Kurtzman. The final regular character, Mona, appears as a mermaid-of-sorts (no tail) who lies nude (generally in a prone position—though at least once the viewer could see her topless) on a revolving circular bed in the basement of Bimbo's, a club Isaak frequents.[1] She typically talks only with Isaak, acting as his conscience or a sounding board for him ("The Naked Lady" with "nothing to hide").

Currently, the entire series remains unreleased to DVD.


  • Chris Isaak - Chris Isaak
  • Kristin Dattilo - Yola Gaylen; manager
  • Jed Rees - Anson Drubner; keyboardist
  • Kenney Dale Johnson - Kenney Dale Johnson; drummer
  • Rowland Salley - Rowland Salley; bassist
  • Hershel Yatovitz - Hershel Yatovitz; guitarist
  • Greg Winter - Cody Kurtzman
  • BobbyJo Moore - Mona
  • Jennifer Calvert - Vivian (Season One)


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