Thai Parliament Television

Thai Parliament Television
Launched 12 August 2006 (2006-08-12)
Owned by National Assembly of Thailand
Picture format 576i (16:9 SDTV)
Country Thailand
Language Thai
Broadcast area Thailand
Southeast Asia (Satellites Only)
Headquarters Parliament House of Thailand
Dusit , Bangkok, Thailand
Digital Channel 10 (SDTV) on UHF Channel 40 (MCOT - MUX3) in Bangkok
Must-Carry Channel 10
PSI Channel 10
TrueVisions Channel 10
Must-Carry Channel 10
TrueVisions Channel 10

Thai Parliament Television (Thai: สถานีวิทยุโทรทัศน์รัฐสภา) is Thai television channel that broadcasts the session of National Assembly of Thailand such as House of Representatives and Senate (Currently refers to National Legislative Assembly) and information of parliamentary to people. Outside the parliamentary coverage including non-sitting hours, TPTV air Educational and Edutainment program.

TPTV also shares airtime on NBT since 2002-2003 on Weekday Mornings and Selected Sessions of the Parliament (NBT Simulcast of Parliament Session ended in 2015 same time as TPTV started the broadcast on Digital television however TPTV Programming still simulcast on NBT in Weekday Mornings)

TPTV was launch on 12 August 2006 in satellite platform. TPTV started broadcasting in Digital television on MCOT MUX on 21 July 2015.


News and Public Affairs

  • Parliament Newsroom
  • Inside The Parliament (Simulcast on NBT)
  • People's Parliament (Simulcast on NBT)
  • Hotline Parliament
  • Zoom In
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