Ternopil Oblast local election, 2009

Ternopil Oblast local election, 2009

15 March 2009

All 120 seats to the Ternopil Oblast Council

  First party Second party Third party
Leader Oleh Tyahnybok United Centre Viktor Yanukovych
Party Svoboda United Centre Party of Regions
Leader since 14 February 2004 27 March 2008 19 April 2003
Last election 0 seats, 2.69% N/A 0 seats, 1.60%
Seats won 50 20 14
Seat change +50 +20 +14
Popular vote 154,325 63,207 43,616
Percentage 34.69% 14.20% 9.80%
Swing +32.00% +14.20% +8.20%

Results of the 2009 Ternopil Oblast local election.

Head of Council before election

Mykhailo Mykolayenko
Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc

Elected Head of Council

Oleksiy Kaida

The Ternopil Oblast local election, 2009 elections in the Ternopil Oblast regional council, were held on March 15, 2009[1][2] on December 18, 2008, by the Ukrainian Parliament initiated by Bloc Yulia Tymoshenko (BYuT)[3] but cancelled on 3 March 2009 by the same Parliament,[2] with most members of BYuT voting against holding the snap elections[2] (allegedly because of the fall of the ratings for BYuT).[4] Following a lawsuit filed by Svoboda the Ternopil oblast` court acknowledged this decision illegal on March 11, 2009.[5] The next day BYuT lodged an appeal in the Lviv Administrative Appeal Court against this decision.[6]

On 13 March 2009, President Viktor Yushchenko asked the Constitutional Court to estimate the constitutionality of the Ukrainian Parliament’s decision to cancel the early regional council elections in Ternopil. According to Yuschenko the Constitution reads that Parliament can appoint elections or early elections into the local authorities, but cannot cancel them.[7] The elections were held on 15 March 2009.[8] The Bloc Yulia Tymoshenko called the election "the presentation of cynical election fraud by [Head of the Presidential Secretariat Viktor] Baloha as an expression of the will of the region's citizens".[9]

Some villages reported cases Party of Regions representatives offering 50 hryvnia per vote.[8]

Challenging the results

On March 24, the Ternopil district administrative court rejected a lawsuit from the Bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko (BYuT) challenging the results of the elections. Four days later the Kyiv district administrative court banned the official publication of the result of the elections.[10]

On April 7 the Lviv administrative court of appeals ruled to cancel a decision of the Ternopil district administrative court denying consideration of a lawsuit from BYuT against the results of the elections to the Ternopil regional council. The Lviv administrative court of appeals instructed the Ternopil district administrative court to consider the essence of the lawsuit.[10]

On May 11, 2009 BYuT members gave up their twelve seats in Ternopil regional council. As a result, the number of deputies in the regional Ternopil council became 208. The overall number of mandates in the council still constitutes 120, and all the decisions taken by the majority of the council still has to be passed by no less than 61 votes.[11]

On June 16, 2009 the Constitutional Court of Ukraine deemed the parliamentary resolution on canceling early election to Ternopil Regional Council (of March 3, 2009) unconstitutional. This case was initiated by President Viktor Yuschenko.[12]


The election have been conducted after the proportional electoral system. In an order to conduct the representatives in the Ternopil regional council, party or block must collect not less than 3% voices of electors.

According to political annalist the scores of United Centre and Party of Regions could be caused by mass fraud. Experts were less surprised by the high score of All-Ukrainian Union "Freedom" because (according to the think tank "Open Policy") support for rightist parties like "Freedom" typically builds up in conditions of economic and political crisis and "Freedom" has roots in the region.[13][14] The turnout in Ternopil (city) was only 25%.[15]

Party Votes Votes %[16][17][18]
1 All-Ukrainian Union "Freedom" 153 038 34,45
2 United Centre 63 143 14,32
3 Party of Regions 43,432 9,78
4 Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc 36 056 8,12
5 Ukrainian People's Party 35 647 8,03
6 People's Union "Our Ukraine" 24 439 5,50
7 Lytvyn Bloc 15 908 3,58
8 Socialist Party of Ukraine 9 252 2,08
9 PORA 6 230 1,40
10 Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists 5 380 1,21
11 Civil Movement "People's Self-Defense" 2 895 0,65
12 Communist Party of Ukraine 2 291 0,52
13 Great Ukraine 1 726 0,47
14 Agrarian Party 1 501 0,43
15 New Politics 1 168 0,33
16 New Democracy 1 126 0,32
Against all 6,16[19]
Invalid bulletins 3,13[19]
Total turnout 52.02%[15]


Party: Results last election[20][21] Sociological group "Rating" (January 27, 2009)[21] Den (February 7, 2009)[3]
BYuT 34.23% 28,7% 20%
PR <3%* 2,4% np**
OU-PSD 31.27% 15%*** (PU-"OU") 2% - 3%
CPU <3% np np
LB <3% 5,6% np
SPU 3.3% 0,7% np
Svoboda <3% 16,1% 12% - 15%
UNB Kostenko and Plyushch 8.65% 1.6† (UPP) np
PSD*** dnp** 3,0% np
UC dnp 2,8% 5%
Pora 3% 1,6%
Against all
Not going to vote
Unsure 20%
* Political parties or election blocs need to collect at least 3% of the total vote for all parties in order to gain seats in parliament.
** "np" stands for "not polled". "dnp" stands for "did not participate".
*** As People's Union "Our Ukraine" running alone (without Civil Movement "People's Self-Defense" a.o.)
UNB Kostenko and Plyushch became defunct,[22] the original Bloc participant Ukrainian People's Party participated in the election alone

Ternopil city council

The elections to Ternopil city council took place in fall of 2010.

Seats and percentage
Svoboda (34)
Party of Regions (9)
Our Ukraine (5)
Front of Changes (3)
Fatherland (2)
Ukrainian party (2)
UNP (2)
For Ukraine! (2)
Civil position (1)
Mayor elections[23]

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