Tegarama was a city in Anatolia during the Bronze Age.

The city contained a palace, a karum and an Assyrian colony office.[1] It was important in terms of trade which included tin, textiles, wool, slaves and wine. The city was inhabited during the Old Assyrian Kingdom and Hittite Empire.[2]

The city was sacked by Isuwa during the early reign of Tudhaliya III. During his victorious campaign against Mitanni, Hittite king Suppiluliuma I halted in Tegarama and inspected his forces before attacking and capturing Karkemish.[3]

The exact location of the city in Anatolia is disputed. Oliver Gurney placed Tegarama in Southeast Anatolia. [4] Others have located it in central Anatolia near the town of Gürün, Sivas about 90 miles (140 km) east of Kanesh. [5][6] One theory is that the name of the city was 'moved' to another settlement during the history.[7]

The city is sometimes associated with Biblical Togarmah.[8][9][10]


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