Team Ice Racing World Championship

The Team Ice Racing World Championship is an international ice speedway competition, first held in Kaliningrad, USSR, in 1979.[1] Since its establishment, the tournament has been noted by a continued Russian dominance: the Soviet Union, Commonwealth of Independent States and Russia have won all but three tournaments. The only non-Russian teams to have won were West Germany in 1983, and Sweden twice in 1985 and 1995. Russia won a 15th consecutive title in 2017.[2] [3] [4]

List of championships

Year Venue Winner Runner Up Third
1979 Kaliningrad  Soviet Union  Czechoslovakia West Germany
1980 Eindhoven  Soviet Union  Czechoslovakia  Sweden
1981 Inzell  Soviet Union  Czechoslovakia  Sweden
1982 Kaliningrad  Soviet Union  Czechoslovakia  Sweden
1983 Berlin West Germany  Sweden  Soviet Union
1984 Deventer  Soviet Union  Sweden  Finland
1985 Inzell  Sweden  Soviet Union West Germany
1986 Leningrad  Soviet Union  Sweden West Germany
1987 Heerenveen  Soviet Union  Sweden West Germany
1988 Grenoble  Soviet Union  Sweden  Finland
1989 Assen  Soviet Union  Sweden  Czechoslovakia
1990 Almaty  Soviet Union  Sweden West Germany
1991 Inzell  Soviet Union  Czechoslovakia  Sweden
1992 Oulu CIS  Sweden  Germany
1993 Assen  Russia  Sweden  Netherlands
1994 Karlstad  Russia  Sweden  Germany
1995 Frankfurt am Main  Sweden  Russia  Kazakhstan
1996 Izhevsk  Russia  Sweden  Kazakhstan
1997 Berlin  Russia  Sweden  Finland
1998 Göteborg  Russia  Sweden  Finland
1999 Berlin  Russia  Sweden  Austria
2000 Berlin  Russia  Finland  Sweden
2001 Berlin  Russia  Austria  Germany
2002 Krasnogorsk  Sweden  Russia  Europe
2003 Saransk  Russia  Sweden  Germany
2004 Inzell  Russia  Germany  Austria
2005 Krasnogorsk  Russia  Europe  Germany
2006 Berlin  Russia  Sweden  Finland
2007 Saransk  Russia  Sweden  Germany
2008 Krasnogorsk  Russia  Austria  Finland
2009 Inzell[5]  Russia  Austria  Germany
2010 Krasnogorsk  Russia  Sweden  Austria
2011 Berlin  Russia  Austria  Czech Republic
2012 Tolyatti  Russia  Austria  Czech Republic
2013 Sanok  Russia  Austria  Sweden
2014 Tolyatti  Russia  Sweden  Finland
2015 Berlin  Russia  Austria  Czech Republic
2016 Tolyatti  Russia  Sweden  Austria
2017 Inzell  Russia  Austria  Germany

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