Tamangic languages

Linguistic classification Sino-Tibetan
Glottolog kaik1248[1]

The Tamangic languages, TGTM languages, or West Bodish languages, are a family of Sino-Tibetan languages spoken in the Himalayas of Nepal. They are called West Bodish by Bradley (1997).


The languages are:


Tamangic is united with the Bodish and West Himalayish languages in Bradley's (1997) "Bodish" and Van Driem's (2001) Tibeto-Kanauri.


Proto-TGTM has been reconstructed in Mazaudon (1994). (Note: TGTM, which is another name used to refers to the Tamangic branch, stands for Tamang-Gurung-Thakali-Manang.)


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