Taiwanese local elections, 2018

Taiwanese local elections, 2018

24 November 2018

Party Democratic Progressive Kuomintang
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The Taiwanese local elections of 2018 are scheduled to be held on 24 November 2018.[1][2] Local elections are held across the country, with elections to 22 local authorities.

Seats up for election

This local election is the first test for the incumbent President Tsai Ing-wen since assuming office in 2016. The results may affect the next legislative and presidential election in 2020. The Central Election Commission opened election registration to candidates on 27 August 2018.[3]

CategoryNumber of SeatsTerm
Municipal Councillor375
County Councillor532

Current political background

Recent election results
Dates of elections Kuomintang Democratic Progressive Party
New Power Party
Taiwan Solidarity Union People First Party Independent
Votes Votes % Votes Votes % Votes Votes % Votes Votes % Votes Votes % Votes Votes %
Local election 2014 5,463,570 45.76% 5,755,287 48.21% 704,385 5.90%
Presidential election, 2016 3,813,365 31.04% 6,894,744 56.12% 1,576,861 12.84%
Legislative election, 2016 (Constituency) 4,724,366 38.89% 5,416,659 44.59% 351,244 2.89% 97,765 0.80% 156,212 1.29% 668,441 5.50%
Legislative election, 2016 (Proportional representation) 3,280,949 26.91% 5,370,953 44.06% 744,315 6.11% 305,675 2.51% 794,838 6.52%

The Democratic Progressive Party has won the popular vote against the Kuomintang in all of the last three elections[4].

Political map
Local election 2014 Presidential election, 2016 Legislative election, 2016 (Constituency) Legislative election, 2016 (Proportional representation)
Elected members of each electoral district or municipalities, gaining the highest number of votes:

This trend has continued in the 2016 elections, where the Democratic Progressive Party won a majority in the Legislative Yuan with 68 seats and the presidency.

Mayoral elections

Ticks represents nominated candidate, bold with tick represent incumbent re-running for election:

Special municipality Kuomintang Democratic Progressive Party Others Independent
Province CountyProvincial city
Taipei City Ting Shou-chungPasuya YaoKo Wen-je, Lee Si-kuen,, Cheng Yi-ting, Hsu Chun-mei, Cheng Kuo-ming
New Taipei Hou You-yiSu Tseng-chang
Taoyuan City Apollo ChenCheng Wen-tsanZhu Mei-xue
Taichung Lu Shiow-yenLin Chia-lung
Tainan Kao Su-poHuang Wei-cherLin Yi-feng, Hsu Chun-hsin
Kaohsiung Han Kuo-yuChen Chi-mai Chu Mei-feng
Taiwan Province
Keelung City Hsieh Li-kungLin Yu-chang
Yilan County Lin Zi-miaoChen Ou-poLin Hsin-hua
Hsinchu County Yang Wen-koCheng Chao-fangHsu Hsin-yingLin Wei-zhou
Hsinchu City Hsu Ming-tsaiLin Chih-chien Huang Yuan-zhang, Hsieh Wen-jin
Miaoli County Hsu Yao-changHsu Ting-cong, Hsu Ding-zhen, Huang Yu-yen
Changhua County Wang Huei-mei Wei Ming-ku Hung Min-xiong, Huang Wen-ling
Nantou County Lin Ming-chenHung Guo-haw
Yunlin County Chang Li-shanLee Chin-yung
Chiayi County Wu Yu-jenWeng Chang-liang
Chiayi City Huang Min-huiTwu Shiing-jer Hsiao Shui-li, Tsai Song-yi, Huang Hung Chen Taiwan Ah Chen World Great Person Rich President
Pingtung County Su Qing-quan Pan Men-an  
Taitung County Rao Qing-lingLiu Chao-hao  
Hualien County Hsu Chen-weiLiuh Siao-Mei
Penghu County Lai Feng-weiChen Kuang-fuWu Zheng-long, Cheng Qing-fa, Wu Zheng-long, Lu Hua-yuan
Fujian Province Kinmen County Yang Cheng-wu Chen Fu-hai, Dong Zheng-liang
Lienchiang County Liu Cheng-yingSu Po-hao 


2014 Councillors Election Results

Elected councillors Elected Speaker Elected Deputy Speaker

Division KMT DPP TSU PFP NP IND/Other Total
Taipei 2827122363
New Taipei 26321766
Taoyuan 292011060
Keelung 14103431
Yilan County 11121934
Hsinchu 15711033
Hsinchu County 232936
Miaoli County 1941538
Taichung 28272663
Changhua County 24171354
Nantou County 1781137
Yunlin County 71312243
Chiayi 6511224
Chiayi County 9181037
Tainan 162811257
Kaohsiung 243311766
Hualien County 206733
Taitung County 221730
Pingtung County 19181755
Penghu County 82919
Kinmen County 151319
Lienchiang County 639
Total 386291992208907
  • Bold represents largest party

2018 Councillors election

Division Members KMT DPP TSU PFP NP New Power Party IND/Other
Taipei 633327147548
New Taipei 6636363641
Taoyuan 6338343253
Keelung 3119156119
Yilan County 3416181336
Hsinchu 3420121436
Hsinchu County 36277149
Miaoli County 381810242
Taichung 6537363451
Changhua County 542926132
Nantou County 37201329
Yunlin County 4310201242
Chiayi 23882124
Chiayi County 3792230
Tainan 57223721149
Kaohsiung 66373833348
Hualien County 33339225
Taitung County 302942230
Pingtung County 552930143
Penghu County 1944130
Kinmen County 19101222
Lienchiang County 9103
Total 91249440710261041782
  • Bold represents largest party

Opinion polls

2018 Municipal Councillor & County Councillor election nationwide polls
Poll source Date of completion Kuomintang Democratic Progressive Party Others Independent
Taiwan Think TankApril 1, 201828.5% 33.6%4.9%
CM MediaJuly 11, 2018 35%16.2%14.5%
Taiwan Brain TrustJuly 28, 2018 29.9%22.9%3.6%


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