Taiwan National Assembly election, 1991

National Assembly elections were held in the Republic of China on 22 December 1991.[1] The result was a victory for the Kuomintang, which won 254 of the 325 seats. Voter turnout was 68.3%.


Party Votes % Seats +/–
Democratic Progressive Party2,036,27123.366New
Nationwide Democratic Nonpartisan Union193,2342.23New
Chinese Social Democratic Party185,5152.10New
Labor Party18,0080.20New
Workers' Party7,6980.10New
Farmers' Party4,2680.00New
Chinese Youth Party1,5730.00New
China Democratic Socialist Party1,1250.00–1
China Renaissance Party1,1890.00New
China Old Veterans Unification Party9100.00New
China Democratic Constitutional Party6950.00New
China Neutral Party5760.00New
China All People Welfare Party5300.00New
National Revival Party4300.00New
China Justice Party2760.00New
China Great Harmony Democratic Party1860.00New
Invalid/blank votes179,743
Source: Nohlen et al.


  1. Dieter Nohlen, Florian Grotz & Christof Hartmann (2001) Elections in Asia: A data handbook, Volume II, p535 ISBN 0-19-924959-8
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