Taipei Hakka Culture Hall

Coordinates: 25°02′04.3″N 121°32′34.4″E / 25.034528°N 121.542889°E / 25.034528; 121.542889

Taipei Hakka Culture Hall
General information
Type Cultural center
Location Da'an, Taipei, Taiwan
Owner Hakka Affairs Commission, Taipei City Government

The Taipei Hakka Culture Hall (Chinese: 臺北市客家文化會館; pinyin: Táiběi Shì Kèjiā Wénhuà Kuàiguǎn) is a cultural center in Da'an District, Taipei, Taiwan which acts as a center for cultural exchange between the Hakka community and Taipei residence.[1]


The hall consists of lobby displaying traditional Hakka home. Other buildings usually host artistic and cultural exhibits, as well as stage traditional dancing and opera performances. The hall also has classrooms and meeting rooms used for other different functions.


The cultural center is accessible within walking distance North West from Daan Station of Taipei Metro.

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