Tai Dón language

Tai Dón
White Tai
Native to Laos, Vietnam, China (Mengla Township of Jinping)
Ethnicity White Tai
Native speakers
500,000 (1995–2002)[1]
Tai Viet
Language codes
ISO 639-3 twh
Glottolog taid1250[2]

Tai Dón, also known as Tai Khao or White Tai, is a Tai language of northern Vietnam, Laos and China.

Geographical distribution

In China, White Tai (Tai Khaw 傣皓) people are located in the following townships of Yunnan province, with about 40,000 people (Gao 1999).[3]

  • Jinping County 金平县: Mengla Township 勐拉乡 and Zhemi Township 者米乡 (along the banks of the Zhemi River 者米河 and Tengtiao River 藤条)
  • Malipo County 麻栗坡县: Nanwenhe Township 南温河乡
  • Maguan County 马关县: Dulong Town 都龙镇
  • Jiangcheng County 江城县: Qushui Township 曲水乡 (along the banks of the Tuka River 土卡河)


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