Tajarin al Castelmagno
Alternative names Tajarin, Tagliolini
Type Pasta
Place of origin Italy
Region or state Piedmont
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Taglierini [taʎʎeˈriːni] (or Tagliolini) is a type of ribbon pasta, long like Spaghetti, two to three mm or roughly a tenth of an inch wide, similar to tagliatelle, but thin like Capellini. It is a traditional recipe in regions Molise and Piedmont of Italy, in Piedmont called Tajarin[1] and made of egg dough (pasta all'uovo). The dough also contains semolina, flour and salt.[2][3] It is typically served with butter and truffles (tajarin ai tartufi)[4] or meat roast sauce.[5] Taglierini finish in short cooking time, exceedingly on fresh dough and fit best to light sauces, fish, delicacies or soups.


  • Tagliolini al limone (with lemon)[6]
  • Tagliolini di Campobasso (prepared as usual in the town of Campobasso)[7]
  • Tagliolini alle verdure (with vegetables)[8]
  • Tajarin albesi (prepared as usual in the town of Alba, Piedmont)[9]
  • Tagliolini con il sugo d’arrosto (in meat roast sauce)[10]


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