Tağlar Cave

Tağlar Cave
Tağlar mağarası
location in Azerbaijan
Location Böyük Tağlar village, Khojavend Rayon, Azerbaijan
Coordinates 39°36′17″N 46°57′53″E / 39.60472°N 46.96472°E / 39.60472; 46.96472Coordinates: 39°36′17″N 46°57′53″E / 39.60472°N 46.96472°E / 39.60472; 46.96472
Periods Stone Age, Bronze, Copper Age
Site notes
Excavation dates 1963
Archaeologists M. M. Huseynov

Taghlar cave (Azerbaijani: Tağlar mağarası) is an archaeological site that was inhabited by prehistoric humans of the Mousterian culture during the Paleolithic.[1] The cave is located in Azerbaijan, in the southern part of Böyük Tağlar village, on the left banks of the Guruchay River.[2][3]

The cave was excavated by M. M. Huseynov. Beginning in 1963, archaeological excavations were carried out in the cave and more than 7,000 stone tools and over 2,000 faunal fossilized bones were discovered and six cultural sediment layers were identified at the site. Pottery shards of the Middle Ages, the Bronze Age and Copper Age were found right underneath the top layer.[4] Indices of the Mousterian culture were found in between the 2nd and 6th layer. Numerous work-pieces of tool making, red, black, brown, grey, white and other colors have also been discovered in the inventory of the cave.[1]


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