Launched August 21, 1955 (test)
December 31, 1956 (official)
Owned by Televiziunea Română
Picture format 16:9 (576i, SDTV)
Audience share 4.6% (Dec 2008, [1])
Slogan Priveşte mai departe (Look forward)
Country Romania (1st national network), Moldova (terrestrial - 2nd state network; cable)
Formerly called TVR (1956-1972. 1985-1989)
Programul 1 (1972-1985)
TVRL (1989-1990)
România 1 (2001-2004)
Sister channel(s) TVR2, TVR3, TVRi, TVR HD
Website Facebook TVR1:
Analogue Channel 1
Digital Channel 1
Analogue Moldova Channel 2 (until November 2007)
Dolce Channel 101
UPC Romania Channel 01 (digital with DVR)
Channel 02 (digital)
1 (analogue)
RCS&RDS Channel 1
SunTV Channel 2 (defunct in nov 2007)

TVR1 (Romanian pronunciation: [ˌtevere ˈunu], spelled out as Televiziunea Românǎ 1, "Romanian Television 1") is the main channel of the Romanian public broadcaster TVR.

The most important show of the channel is Jurnalul TVR, whose motto is Jurnalul aşa cum ar trebui sǎ fie! ("The news journal as it should be"), but on 28 March 2009 was replaced by Telejurnal, which is its name till today. In 1985, Programul 1 renamed again to TVR becoming the sole television channel in Romania.

In 1989, TVR1 broadcast live the events of the revolt which triggered the fall of the Communist regime, covering almost all the main events live, starting from the last speech of Nicolae Ceauşescu (on December 21, 1989) until the new power representatives arrived. At the time, fabricated and exaggerated stories were broadcast, nevertheless TVR1 was the first television channel to cover all the events of the regime change.

Serial television programs

TVR1 airs popular worldwide series such as:

International competitions

Program for minorities

Romanian TV airs the following channels for minority nationwide:

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