Syracuse Stars (minor league baseball)

This article refers to the former minor league baseball team. For the major league baseball teams see Syracuse Stars (American Association) and Syracuse Stars (National League).

The Syracuse Stars was the name of several Minor league baseball teams who played between 1877 and 1929. The Stars were based in Syracuse, New York, and played in the International League, affiliated with the League Alliance; the New York State League (1885, 1902-1917), Eastern Association (1891), Eastern League (1892, 1894-1901), International League (1886-1887), International Association (1888-1889), and New York-Pennsylvania League (1928-1929).

Season-by-season standings

1877IL20-9Dick HighamLeague Alliance tournament winner
1885NYSL52-371stHenry Ormsbee
John Humphries
1886IL46-476thHenry Ormsbee
Frank Olin
James Gifford
1887IL61-403rdJames Gifford
1888INTA81-301stCharles HackettPlayoffs Championship
1889INTA63-442ndJack Chapman
1891EASA56-42George FrazierTeam disbanded on August 25
1892EL24-36Jay FaatzTeam disbanded on July 22
1894EL63-563rdJay Faatz
1895EL62-534thSandy Griffin
1896EL59-625thCharlie Reilly
George Kuntsch
1897EL83-501stAl BuckenbergerTitle awarded to
the Toronto Maple Leafs
1898EL52-636thGeorge Kuntzsch
1899EL39-688thLew Whistler
Sandy Griffin
1900EL43-848thArthur Irwinnone
Frank LeonardTeam became the
Brockton B's on July 25
1902NYSL61-554thSandy Griffin
1903NYSL80-542ndSandy Griffin
1904NYSL91-441stSandy GriffinLeague Champion Team
1905NYSL70-512ndSandy Griffin
1906NYSL70-653rdSandy Griffin
1907NYSL61-756thSandy Griffin
1908NYSL76-644thSandy Griffin
1909NYSL60-787thSandy Griffin
1910NYSL78-572ndEdward Ashenbach
1911NYSL65-746thEdward Ashenbach
Snake Deal
1912NYSL54-827thEdward McCafferty
Fred Burchell
1913NYSL61-786thFred Burchell
Fred Payne
1914NYSL48-797thFred Payne
1915NYSL60-605thMike O'Neill
1916NYSL81-521stMike O'NeillLeague Champion Team
1917NYSL64-513rdMike O'Neill
Patsy DonovanTeam became the
Hamilton Tigers on August 6
1920IL33-1168thTony Cummings
Amby McConnell
John Engman
Tom Madden
1921IL71-966thTom Madden
Frank Shaughnessy
1922IL64-1027thFrank Shaughnessy
1923IL73-926th  Frank Shaughnessy  
1924IL79-836thFrank Shaughnessy
1925IL74-876thFrank Shaughnessy
Harry Myers
1926IL70-917thBurt Shotton
1927IL102-662ndBurt Shotton
1928NYPL64-746thMike O'Neill
  (63-74 overall)  
Kaiser WilhelmTeam joined the
  Hazleton Mountaineers on June 16  

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