Sweeden, Kentucky

Sweeden is an unincorporated community in north-central Edmonson County, Kentucky, United States. The population of Sweeden's ZCTA was 171 at the 2000 census.[1] It is part of the Bowling Green, Kentucky Metropolitan Statistical Area.


Sweeden is located approximately 5 miles north of the county seat of Brownsville. It is bordered to the south by Lindseyville, to the north by Bee Spring, and to the east by Nolin Lake. It is one of the many communities in Edmonson County that borders Mammoth Cave National Park.


Kyrock Elementary School, one of the five schools of the Edmonson County School System, is located just north of Sweeden.


KY 259 runs through the middle of the town.


Coordinates: 37°15′13″N 86°16′44″W / 37.25361°N 86.27889°W / 37.25361; -86.27889

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