Sukma Games

Sukma Games
Sukma Games logo
First event 1986 Sukma Games in Kuala Lumpur
Occur every two years
Last event 2016 Sukma Games in Sarawak
Purpose Multi-sport event for states in Malaysia
Website National Sports Council of Malaysia

The Sukma Games (Malay: Sukan Malaysia, lit.: Malaysian Games) is a biannual national multi-sport event involving young athletes from Malaysian 13 member states and the Federal territory. The games is regulated by the National Sports Council of Malaysia, the state sports council of the respective member states, the Olympic Council of Malaysia and the National Sports association of the games respective sporting event.[1][2][3]


The Sukma Games was conceptualised by the then Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Anwar Ibrahim in 1983. The proposed rationale was that a national games will help improve the sports quality, produces and encourages athletes to participate in sports at state level, improve officials performance, encourages the building of new venues and upgrading of existing sport venues at state level and cultivate national integration spirit among Malaysian community. At first, the inaugural games was proposed to be held from 15 August to 2 September 1985 and consist of 6 sports such as tennis, table tennis, cycling, athletics, sepak takraw and volleyball.[1] However, a new proposal to involve more sport was submitted by the public to the National Sports Council of Malaysia, which accept the proposal and made the decision to held the games every two years begins 1986 onwards and alternate with the Southeast Asian Games.

The first Sukma Games were held in Kuala Lumpur from 19–26 April 1986 participated by more than 3849 athletes from 13 States of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory, The Malaysian Universities Sports Council (MASUM), Royal Malaysian Police and the Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM). The third edition was held in Sarawak in 1990, making it the first time the Sukma Games was held in the state and also the first time in East Malaysia.

At the 6th Sukma Games in Pahang in 1996, Brunei, Labuan and the Malaysian Schools Sports Council (MSSM) made their debut, while the Malaysian Armed Forces ceased to participate and the Northern Territory of Australia only participates at the 9th Sukma Games in Sabah in 2002. At the 10th Sukma Games in 2004 in Negeri Sembilan, both the Schools Sports Council and Universities Sports Council ceased to participate while at the 11th edition in Kedah in 2006, both Kuala Lumpur and Labuan team merged to form the Federal Territory team following the administration merger of Kuala Lumpur, Labuan and the Putrajaya while the Police participates at the games for the last time.

A decision was made by the National Sports Council on 27 May 2010 to held the games annually from 2011 onwards in an effort to develop and democratise all sports including optional sports in the country. The odd year games was held in Kuala Lumpur by the National Sports Council and involve only optional sports, while the even year games was held in member states of the country and involve only core sports. The odd year games was however abolished by the council in 2015, citing fully packed state sports agenda and high cost for state sport councils to fund a Sukma Games contingent every year.[4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11]

Participating teams



  1. ^ Kuala Lumpur, Labuan and Putrajaya participated as a combined Federal Territory contingent since 2006. Given Putrajaya's small area and population, the Putrajaya contingent was never formed throughout Sukma Games history.
  2. ^ No longer participated in the games (historical team)
  3. ^ Not from within Malaysia.
  4. ^ Malaysian Universities Sports Council (Malay: Majlis Sukan Universiti Malaysia, abbreviated as MASUM)
  5. ^ Malaysian Schools Sports Council (Malay: Majlis Sukan Sekolah-sekolah Malaysia, abbreviated as MSSM)
  6. ^ Royal Malaysian Police (Malay: Polis Diraja Malaysia, abbreviated as PDRM)
  7. ^ Malaysian Armed Forces (Malay: Angkatan Tentera Malaysia, abbreviated as ATM)


The list below shows the sports that are played at all the Sukma Games since 1986.[13][14]

Core sports

Optional sports

All-time medal table

Below shows the all time medal table of Sukma Games from 1986 to 2016. Defunct teams are highlighted in italics.

Sukma Games all-time medal table
Rank State Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Selangor (SEL)7537188202291
2 Sarawak (SAR)6696136451927
3 Perak (PRK)4064175601383
4 Penang (PEN)3833955201298
5 Pahang (PAH)3833714091163
6 Terengganu (TER)382287324993
7 Johor (JOH)3243394691132
8 Sabah (SAB)2783394421059
9 Kuala Lumpur (KUL)274276279829
10 Kedah (KED)254232345831
11 Federal Territory (WIL)251278338867
12 Negeri Sembilan (NSE)228224303755
13 Malacca (MEL)192193260645
14 Kelantan (KEL)136143180459
15 Perlis (PER)5564140259
16 Police (POL)313645112
17 Universities (MSU)17171549
18 Armed Forces (ATM)12273978
19 Brunei (BRU)5143049
20 Labuan (LBN)221014
21 Schools (MSM)22913
22 Northern Territory (NTA)1012
Total (22 States)50384987618316208

Medal table by edition

1986 Sukma Games



  *   Host state (Kuala Lumpur)

1986 Sukma Games medal table
Rank State Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Kuala Lumpur (KUL)*36322290
2 Selangor (SEL)23141451
3 Sarawak (SAR)1381435
4 Perak (PRK)10151742
5 Penang (PEN)9202150
6 Sabah (SAB)98825
7 Police (POL)94720
8 Johor (JOH)65617
9 Kedah (KED)551121
10 Armed Forces (ATM)281121
11 Malacca (MEL)2158
12 Terengganu (TER)2147
13 Pahang (PAH)14611
14 Negeri Sembilan (NSE)0145
15 Kelantan (KEL)0112
16 Perlis (PER)0011
17 Universities (MSU)0000
Total (17 States)127127152406

1988 Sukma Games


  *   Host state (Kuala Lumpur)

1988 Sukma Games medal table
Rank State Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Selangor (SEL)26172972
2 Sarawak (SAR)24181557
3 Penang (PEN)19141548
4 Kuala Lumpur (KUL)12122246
5 Negeri Sembilan (NSE)106521
6 Johor (JOH)93921
7 Kedah (KED)66820
8 Police (POL)63514
9 Malacca (MEL)57416
10 Sabah (SAB)412824
11 Universities (MSU)44816
12 Perak (PRK)3202144
13 Terengganu (TER)2248
14 Kelantan (KEL)13711
15 Pahang (PAH)1157
16 Perlis (PER)1056
17 Armed Forces (ATM)0112
Total (17 States)133129171433

1990 Sukma Games


  *   Host state (Sarawak)

1990 Sukma Games medal table
Rank State Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Sarawak (SAR)*44171879
2 Kuala Lumpur (KUL)19201857
3 Penang (PEN)17222463
4 Perak (PRK)12162250
5 Selangor (SEL)11183463
6 Negeri Sembilan (NSE)74415
7 Sabah (SAB)541019
8 Malacca (MEL)46616
9 Police (POL)44210
 Terengganu (TER)44210
11 Kedah (KED)27615
12 Johor (JOH)251219
13 Kelantan (KEL)2237
14 Perlis (PER)1078
15 Pahang (PAH)0257
16 Universities (MSU)0213
17 Armed Forces (ATM)0123
Total (17 States)134134176444

1992 Sukma Games


  *   Host state (Johor)

1992 Sukma Games medal table
Rank State Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Sarawak (SAR)36272689
2 Johor (JOH)*26212269
3 Selangor (SEL)23254189
4 Penang (PEN)22282272
5 Kuala Lumpur (KUL)22233277
6 Perak (PRK)18102149
7 Sabah (SAB)9161338
8 Malacca (MEL)761225
9 Kedah (KED)67821
10 Negeri Sembilan (NSE)65314
11 Armed Forces (ATM)551828
12 Pahang (PAH)55818
13 Universities (MSU)45211
14 Kelantan (KEL)391224
15 Terengganu (TER)341017
16 Police (POL)2158
17 Perlis (PER)2002
Total (17 States)199197255651

1994 Sukma Games


  *   Host state (Perak)

1994 Sukma Games medal table
Rank State Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Sarawak (SAR)39283097
2 Kuala Lumpur (KUL)31392696
3 Selangor (SEL)284133102
4 Perak (PRK)*26262577
5 Pahang (PAH)21162057
6 Sabah (SAB)19141447
7 Johor (JOH)17132252
8 Penang (PEN)13122449
9 Kedah (KED)852033
10 Kelantan (KEL)661022
11 Armed Forces (ATM)512724
12 Terengganu (TER)53715
13 Negeri Sembilan (NSE)42410
14 Malacca (MEL)411015
15 Police (POL)38213
16 Perlis (PER)1089
17 Universities (MSU)0213
Total (17 States)230228263721

1996 Sukma Games


  *   Host state (Pahang)

1996 Sukma Games medal table
Rank State Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Selangor (SEL)574344144
2 Sarawak (SAR)564952157
3 Pahang (PAH)*374244123
4 Kuala Lumpur (KUL)34273293
5 Perak (PRK)22252875
6 Sabah (SAB)20192261
7 Terengganu (TER)8161539
8 Kelantan (KEL)8111130
9 Kedah (KED)861832
10 Negeri Sembilan (NSE)641020
11 Penang (PEN)5101025
12 Malacca (MEL)591125
13 Universities (MSU)4004
14 Johor (JOH)271725
15 Perlis (PER)2248
16 Police (POL)13812
17 Brunei (BRU)1102
18 Schools (MSM)1023
19 Labuan (LBN)0000
Total (19 States)277274328879

1998 Sukma Games


  *   Host state (Selangor)

1998 Sukma Games medal table
Rank State Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Selangor (SEL)*806141182
2 Sarawak (SAR)464541132
3 Perak (PRK)25253787
4 Kuala Lumpur (KUL)23252674
5 Pahang (PAH)21293686
6 Penang (PEN)1252340
7 Terengganu (TER)11141540
8 Sabah (SAB)11101233
9 Kelantan (KEL)1191030
10 Kedah (KED)8131536
11 Johor (JOH)771630
12 Negeri Sembilan (NSE)481325
13 Malacca (MEL)481123
14 Perlis (PER)1236
15 Schools (MSM)0022
 Labuan (LBN)0022
Total (16 States)264261303828


All states of Malaysia have held their respective Sukma Games, except Kelantan.[16][17][18]

EditionYearHostMain StadiumStart DateEnd DateSportsEventsContingentsCompetitorsChampion
I1986Kuala LumpurMerdeka Stadium, Kuala Lumpur19 April26 April17Kuala Lumpur
II1988Kuala LumpurStadium Negara, Kuala Lumpur12 November19 November17Selangor
III1990 SarawakSarawak State Stadium, Kuching18 July27 July17Sarawak
IV1992 JohorTan Sri Dato Haji Hassan Yunos Stadium, Johor Bahru1 July11 July17Sarawak
V1994 PerakPerak Stadium, Ipoh9 June18 June17Sarawak
VI1996 PahangDarul Makmur Stadium, Kuantan1 June10 June19Selangor
VII1998 SelangorOpening ceremony
Shah Alam Stadium
Closing ceremony
Malawati Indoor Stadium
17 April26 April16Selangor
VIII2000 PenangBatu Kawan Stadium, Batu Kawan25 May4 June30195875Selangor
IX2002 SabahLikas Stadium, Kota Kinabalu7 September14 September27205324Selangor
X2004 Negeri SembilanTuanku Abdul Rahman Stadium, Seremban29 May6 June30176000Selangor
XI2006 KedahDarul Aman Stadium, Alor Star28 May4 June26164882Selangor
XII2008 TerengganuSultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Stadium, Kuala Terengganu31 May9 June31156000Terengganu
XIII2010 MalaccaHang Jebat Stadium, Paya Rumput10 June19 June33157000Terengganu
XIV2011 Federal TerritoryKLFA Stadium, Kuala Lumpur2 June12 June24143368Terengganu
XV2012 PahangDarul Makmur Stadium, Kuantan9 July16 July24155828Terengganu
XVI2013 Federal TerritoryBukit Jalil National Stadium, Kuala Lumpur28 June7 July23130143618Selangor
XVII2014 PerlisTuanku Syed Putra Stadium, Kangar24 May4 June24389157815Federal Territory
XVIII2016 SarawakSarawak Stadium, Kuching23 July31 July24382155670Selangor
XIX2018 Perak[19]Perak Stadium, Ipoh (Expected)12 September22 SeptemberFuture event
XX2020 Johor[19]Tan Sri Dato Haji Hassan Yunos Stadium, Johor Bahru (expected)Future event

List of the Sukma Games' Sportsman and Sportswoman


EditionYearSukma Games' SportsmanSukma Games' Sportswoman
III1990Gerard Liew PenangSwimmingTania Hamid Bugo SarawakSwimming
IV1992Khoo Kah Hock MASUMArcheryMagdaline Goh PenangSwimming
Azmi Ibrahim
(Most Promising Sportsman)
 PahangAthleticsShalin Zulkifli
(Most Promising Sportswoman)
V1994Azmi Ibrahim PahangAthleticsYew Chai Peng PerakAthletics
VII1998Chai Song Lip SarawakAthleticsHo Hsu Ee Kuala LumpurSwimming
VIII2000Allen Ong PerakSwimmingSia Wai Yen Kuala LumpurSwimming
IX2002Ng Shu Mun PerakArtistic gymnasticsNgew Sin Mei Kuala LumpurAthletics
Petra Nabila Mustafa
(Most Promising Sportswoman)
 Negeri SembilanAthletics
X2004Daniel Bego SarawakSwimmingCindy Ong PerakSwimming
XI2006Zulkifli Che Rose SarawakWeightliftingLew Yih Wey Negeri SembilanSwimming
XII2008Foo Jian Beng SelangorSwimmingMarellyn Liew SarawakSwimming
XIII2010J. Karthik MalaccaAthleticsChan Kah Yan Federal TerritorySwimming
XIV2011Ahmad Shafie Abd Jabar JohorCanoeingJupha Somnet PerlisCycling
XV2012Abdul Mubin Rahim TerengganuWeightliftingFrenceay Titus SabahWeightlifting
XVI2013Danniel Iskandar Richard SelangorArtistic gymnasticsEsmelda Arecia Menti Alfred Geling SarawakArtistic gymnastics
XVII2014Muhammad Irfan Shamshuddin Negeri SembilanAthleticsJelinie Empera SarawakWeightlifting
XVIII2016Khairul Hafiz Jantan MalaccaAthleticsNur Aqilah Yusof TerengganuArchery

Sukma Games logos and mascots


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