Stuffed ham

Stuffed ham is a variety of ham in which cabbage, kale, onions, spices and seasonings are chopped and mixed, then stuffed into deep slits slashed in a whole corned or[1] smoked ham. Stuffed ham is believed to have originated in Southern Maryland, specifically in St. Mary's County, and remains popular in that region to this day.[2] Typically the ham has a distinctively spicy flavor due to added seasoning. Recipes vary widely, since they are traditionally passed down from one family member to another.

Salmonella vector

In 1997, improperly prepared stuffed ham served at the Our Lady of the Wayside Catholic Church fund-raising dinner in Chaptico, Maryland was responsible for one of the largest multi-drug resistant Salmonella Heidelburg outbreaks in Maryland which sickened 750 people and caused 2 deaths.[3][4][5] The CDC documented the incident in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases.[6]

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