Stingray Brava

Stingray Brava
Stingray Brava Logo
Launched Stingray Brava Europe: 2007
Stingray Brava Dutch: 1 July 2009
Owned by Stingray Digital (since 2015)
Picture format 576i (16:9, SD)
1080i (HDTV)
Country Netherlands
Broadcast area Europe
Headquarters Almere, Netherlands
Formerly called Stingray Brava Europe:
Brava HDTV (2007–2013)
Brava HD (2013–2014)
Brava (2014–2016)
Stingray Brava Dutch:
Brava NL (2009–2013)
Brava NL Klassiek (2013–2014)
Brava (2014–2016)
Sister channel(s) Stingray Djazz
Stingray iConcerts
Stingray Lite TV
CanalDigitaal (Netherlands) Channel 27 (HD)
TV Vlaanderen (Flanders) Channel 103 (HD)
Ziggo (Netherlands) Channel 607
CAIW (Netherlands) Channel 56
Kabel Noord (Netherlands) Channel 362 (SD)
Channel 363 (HD)
Telenet (Belgium) Channel 50 (Flanders)
Channel 135 (Brussels)
StarHub TV (Singapore) Channel 537
ZON TVCabo (Portugal) Channel 161 (HD)
KPN/Telfort/XS4ALL (Netherlands) Channel 432
Proximus (Belgium) Channel 110
Free (France) Channel 274
meo (Portugal) Channel 150 (HD)
Streaming media
Ziggo GO (Netherlands only)

Stingray Brava (formerly Brava) is a cultural television channel originated in the Netherlands, currently owned by Stingray Digital in Canada. The programming consists of opera, ballet, and concertos. Productions are recorded in opera houses such as the Royal Opera House, the Teatro Real, and La Scala. The productions consists of stage performances such as La bohème, Otello, Aida, Swan Lake, Tosca, Zoroastre and Così fan tutte.


Brava was founded by Jur Bron and Gerard Ardesch.[1] The pan-European Brava HDTV (now Stingray Brava Europe) was launched in 2007, and Brava NL (now Stingray Brava Dutch), which is broadcast in Dutch and focuses on Dutch contents, began on 1 July 2009. Brava was co-owned by Strengholt BV between 23 December 2011 and 31 July 2015.[2][3]

On 25 November 2010, Brava launched Brava 3D, which showcased stereoscopic 3D television content across Europe as a Free-to-air channel on the Astra 3B satellite. The channel, however, was closed down on 1 August 2012.[4][5]

The Canadian company Stingray Digital took over Brava on 31 July 2015.[6] Both versions of Brava (all of which simplified names to Brava in 2014) were renamed as Stingray Brava on 1 October 2016.[7]


Stingray Brava Europe
Launched as Brava HDTV in 2007, it rebranded as Brava HD in 2013, before simplifying its name as Brava in 2014. This version is available in English and French across Europe.
Stingray Brava Dutch
Launched on 1 July 2009 as Brava NL, the Dutch version was renamed as Brava NL Klassiek in May 2013.[8] It simplified its name as Brava in 2014. On 1 December 2015, the Dutch version of Brava replaced Cultuur 7 in Belgium (which Stingray acquired earlier in October 2015[9][10]) in its former channel slot; Cultuur 7's programmes were integrated into the new Brava's schedule.[11]

Former logos

Stingray Brava Europe (former Brava HDTV)

Stingray Brava Dutch (former Brava NL)


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