Stacey Dooley

Stacey Dooley
Dooley (centre) at an event organised by War on Want in 2009 protesting against sweatshops
Born Stacey Jaclyn Dooley
(1987-03-09) 9 March 1987
Nationality English
Occupation Media personality, television presenter, journalist
Years active 2008–present
Employer BBC
Television Stacey Dooley Investigates

Stacey Jaclyn Dooley MBE (born 9 March 1987) is an English television presenter and journalist. Since 2009, she has made television documentaries for BBC Three concerning child labour and women in developing countries.[1]


Dooley grew up in Luton, Bedfordshire, where she previously worked as a shop assistant at Luton Airport.[2]

Television and public career

At the age of 21,[3] Dooley first appeared on television as one of the participants on the documentary TV series Blood, Sweat and T-shirts in April 2008. Dooley and the other participants were selected to illustrate the typical fashion-obsessed consumer. Thanks to her appearance on the show, partly because of her interest in labour laws in developing countries, her own series was commissioned. Stacey Dooley Investigates began in August 2009 and a two-part special was shown on BBC Three throughout August and September 2009. It also aired in Australia on ABC2 from 2 June 2010.[4]

In October 2010, BBC Three aired two further programmes, the first on former child soldiers in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the second on sex trafficking and underage sex slavery in Cambodia.

In 2011, BBC Three aired Tourism and the Truth: Stacey Dooley Investigates. Over two episodes, Dooley investigated how tourism in Thailand and Kenya affects employees there, in particular with regard to wages, corruption and environmental changes.[5] Also in 2011, Dooley filmed the CBBC series Show Me What You're Made Of.

Shot in Dooley's native Luton, My Hometown Fanatics, was broadcast on BBC Three on 20 February 2012. In the programme, Dooley interviewed Islamists and the English Defence League. A three-part series entitled Coming Here Soon was broadcast on BBC Three in June and July 2012, in which Dooley explores the lives of young people in three countries affected by the global financial crisis: Greece, Ireland and Japan.[6] The programme on Japan was criticised by some due to the fact that it ignored the Samaritans guidelines on reporting of suicide.[7]

In 2016, Dooley presented Stacey Dooley in Cologne: The Blame Game, about the New Year's Eve sexual assaults in Germany, which aired on 29 January. On 30 July, Dooley appeared on the BBC's Celebrity Mastermind where her specialist subject was the television series Girls. In November, Dooley appeared in a TV series called Brainwashing Stacey, where she went to a US anti-abortion summer camp and then to some African big-game hunters.[8]

In December 2016, Dooley was stopped by police in Tokyo while filming Young Sex For Sale In Japan, a documentary about child sexual exploitation in Japan. She was held on the street by police for two hours who were investigating their confrontation with two men "protecting" some of the girls, who had called the police on the film crew. After initially being confronted by two men who demanded "no movies" the men tried to man handle the film crew away from where they were trying to film. The story was released a few days before the programme was made available in February 2017.[9]

Dooley was appointed a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) in the 2018 Birthday Honours for services to broadcasting.[10] In 2012,[11] and again in 2015, Dooley was a member of the judging panel for The Observer Ethical Awards.[12]

On 16 August 2018, Dooley was announced as the eighth contestant to take part in the sixteenth series of Strictly Come Dancing.[13]


Series title No. Episode title Episode date Role
2008: Blood, Sweat and T-shirts(4 episodes)22 April – 13 May 2008Participant
2009–present: Stacey Dooley Investigates[14]
Child Labour1Kids for Sale1 October 2009Herself
2Kids with Machetes8 October 2009Herself
Child Labour Series 21Kids with Guns7 October 2010Herself
2Sex Trafficking in Cambodia14 October 2010Herself
Holiday Hell1Thailand: Tourism and the Truth28 March 2011Herself
2Tourism and the Truth: Kenya9 June 2011Herself
My Hometown Fanatics20 February 2012Herself
The Truth About Magaluf7 January 2013Herself
New Drug Frontiers1Cocaine Capital of the World12 August 2013Herself
2Thailand's Drug Craze19 August 2013Herself
3Europe's Dirty Drugs Secret26 August 2013Herself
The Truth About...1Booze, Bar Crawls and Bulgaria30 September 2013Herself
2Sex, Stags and Prague7 October 2013Herself
3Crime, Carnage and Cancun14 October 2013Herself
4Domestic Violence26 June 2014Herself
Beaten by My Boyfriend[15]25 March 2015Herself
Series 61Meth and Madness in Mexico7 April 2015Herself
2Ecstasy Wars14 April 2015Herself
3The Cannabis Smugglers21 April 2015Herself
Series 71Saving the Cyber Sex Girls19 October 2015Herself
2World's Worst Place to Be a Woman?26 October 2015Herself
Series 8: Sex in Strange Places1Turkey8 March 2016Herself
2Brazil15 March 2016Herself
3Russia22 March 2016Herself
1In Cologne: The Blame Game (14 min short)28 January 2016Herself
1Hate and Pride in Orlando (15 min short)24 June 2016Herself
Series 9: Migrant Kids in Crisis1Greece (30 mins)19 April 2016Herself
1On the Frontline: Girls, Guns and Isis15 November 2016Herself
Series 10: Brainwashing Stacey1Anti-Abortion Camp29 November 2016Herself
2Living with Big Game Hunters6 December 2016Herself
Series 111Young Sex for Sale in Japan28 February 2017Herself
2Canada’s Lost Girls (40 mins)7 March 2017Herself
3Mums Selling Their Kids for Sex (35 mins)16 May 2017Herself
4Kids Selling Drugs Online (19 mins)14 July 2017Herself
5The Billion Pound Party (28 mins)7 August 2017Herself
6Second Chance Sex Offenders24 January 2018Herself
7Russia's War on Women31 January 2018Herself
8Face to Face with Isis (33 Mins)7 February 2018Herself
9Gypsy Kids Taken from Home (42 Mins)14 February 2018Herself
2011–present: Show Me What You're Made Of
Series 1–6(25 episodes to date)Herself
2012: Coming Here Soon[16]
Series 11Greece, Bust and Broken26 June 2012Herself
2Ireland, Lost and Leaving3 July 2012Herself
3Japan, Fall of the Rising Sun10 July 2012Herself
2012, 2014: Stacey Dooley in the USA[17]
Series 11Girls Behind Bars22 October 2012Herself
2Gay to Straight29 October 2012Herself
3Border Wars5 November 2012Herself
Series 24Giving Up My Baby3 July 2014Herself
5Homeless in Detroit10 July 2014Herself
6Kids in the Crossfire17 July 2014Herself
2012: Superstorm USA: Caught on Camera[18]
(1 episode)15 November 2012Narrator


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