St. George's British International School

St George's British International School, Rome, Italy
Established 1958
Type International school
Principal Martyn Hales (2008 - 2018)
Chair of the Board of Governors Maria Teresa Anderson D'Ecclesiis
Location Via Cassia, km16
Staff 130
Students 860
Gender Boys and Girls
Ages 3–18
Houses 4
Colours Red, White and Blue
Publication The Georgian

St George’s British International School is an international school located in Rome, Italy. It was founded in 1958 to serve Rome's British, international and expatriate communities, and today educates 860 children from over 70 countries. The main campus, containing Junior and Senior Schools, is based in La Storta on the northern outskirts of the city. A second campus, located in central Rome, serves Junior School students up to the age of 11.


Originally named St George's English School, it was founded in 1958 and is an independent and non-profit-making HMC school which is owned by an association made up of parents of the school.

School profile

The aim of the school is to fulfill the potential of each individual child, and to do so in a safe and caring international and multicultural environment that aims at the highest international academic standards. The school draws on the inherited educational expertise of the National Curriculum in Britain and shares the aims of the International Baccalaureate. Students take GCSE examinations at age 16 and the International Baccalaureate in their final year. Lower down the school, pupils take the standard English SAT assessments, at the end of Key Stages 2 and 3. Most sixth-form students continue into higher education, mostly in English-speaking countries although some do remain in Italy to further their studies.

Extra-curricular activities

The school has built up a very strong extra-curricular component to complement its strong academic programme, which includes a number of sports clubs which regularly compete against other teams and schools, and an interesting array of activity clubs which today include a Chess Club, an Arts Club, a Lemniscates Club, an Archaeology Club, a Film-maker’s Club and an Astronomy Club. The school’s Orchestra and Choirs also often perform to outside audiences. Foreign languages offered within the school curriculum include Italian, Spanish, French, German, Latin and Mandarin.


The Zambian Orphans Appeal (ZOA) is a charity established and maintained by St George's, raising funds to maintain the running of an orphanage in Serenje known as the 'Serenje Orphans Children's Home' (SOCH). Every two years, students and teachers from St George's visit the orphanage to undertake projects in support of the orphanage.


Junior School students wear a blue and white striped shirt with navy-blue trousers/skirts. School jumpers are allowed. Senior School students wear a blue polo shirt with the school logo, a navy blue jumper, fleece, or sweater with school logo, and navy blue trousers/skirts. The Sixth Form students, whilst not required to wear uniform, adhere to a smart dress-code.

Notable Alumni

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