Sri Vadaranyeswarar Temple

Sri Vadaranyeswarar Temple
Location in Tamil Nadu
Coordinates 13°07′48″N 79°46′30″E / 13.13000°N 79.77500°E / 13.13000; 79.77500Coordinates: 13°07′48″N 79°46′30″E / 13.13000°N 79.77500°E / 13.13000; 79.77500
Country India
State Tamil Nadu
District Tiruvallur
Location Thiruvalangadu
Sanctum Sri Vadaranyeswarar
Major festivals Shivraatri
Architecture Dravidian architecture

Sri Vadaranyeswarar Temple, built by the Cholas during the 12th century, (though inscriptions evidence the 5th century) is regarded as a sacred Shaivaite temple in that it is one of the 5 majestic cosmic dance halls (pancha sabhai) of Lord Shiva, known as "Ratna Sabai".

Sri Tazuvikuzandheswarar Temple is another big temple located about two kilometer far south-easterly to Vadaranyeswarar Temple.


Two demons Sumba and Nisumba chose this banyan jungle for their stay and began harassing the Devas. They appealed to Mother Parvathi for protection. Mother Parvathi created a furious Kali and destroyed the demons. Kali consumed the blood of the demons and their army and grew more furious.

At the request of Sage Munjikesa Karkodaka, Lord Shiva reached the place. Kali challenged the Lord for a dance and said that she would give her right in the place to the Lord if He won. The dance began. Lord dropped His ear ring on the ground, picked it by the toe of His left leg and fixed it back on His ear in the dance. Kali accepted her defeat and said that she could not do such a marvelous dance. Lord Shiva said that He alone was equal to Her and said further that those coming to worship Him here, should worship Her first to reap the full benefit of the worship. Since then, Kali has Her own temple to grace the devotees.

It is in this temple that Lord addressed the Great Shiva devotee Karaikkal Ammeiyar as “Ammaye”. Ammeiyar enjoyed the dance performance of the Lord standing upside down. Ammeiyar reached this temple by head as she thought walking by feet to Lords shrine was a sin. She reached the state of bliss here.

Pancha Sabhai Sthalangal

The temples where Lord Shiva is believed to have performed the Cosmic Dance.

Category Temple Location Element
Rathinachabai Vada aaranyeswarar Temple Thiruvalangadu, Chennai Emerald
Porchabai Natarajar Temple Chidambaram Gold
Vellichabai Meenakshi Amman Temple Madurai Silver
Thamirachabai Nellaiappar Temple Tirunelveli Copper
Chithirachabai Kutralanathar Temple Thirukutralam Art
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