South City Hospital

South City Hospital (Pvt.) Limited is a privately owned facility in Karachi, Pakistan. It covers a wide spectrum of specialties.

In 2004, the owners of a private hospital in an upscale locality of Karachi, i.e. Clifton, announced its demolition to make way for a shopping centre and hotel complex. The destruction of a functional hospital created a vacuum that motivated a group of Pakistan’s top medical professionals to form a consortium and acquire an existing hospital in Clifton.

In addition to the original consortium, SCH has since attracted some of Pakistan’s top doctors and surgeons. It is a top grade facility that rivals the finest hospitals in Europe and USA. Construction for the new SCH facility started in March 2005 and phase 1 became operational in December 2006 whereas phase 2 was recently completed in March 2008. The facility covers an area of 3,250 square yards and has a total capacity of 124 beds. It houses a pharmacy, laboratory, fully equipped radiology unit, 6 operating theatres, labor and delivery suites and a cardiac unit.


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