South African general election, 1984

House of Representatives election, 1984

22 August 1984

All 80 elected seats in the House of Representatives

  First party
Leader Allan Hendrickse
Party Labour
Seats won 76

House of Representatives after the election
House of Delegates election, 1984

28 August 1984

All 40 elected seats in the House of Delegates

  First party Second party
Leader Amichand Rajbansi JN Reddy
Party National People's Solidarity
Seats won 18 17

House of Delegates after the election
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General elections were held in South Africa in August 1984 to elect Coloured and Indian representatives to their respective houses of the Tricameral Parliament. The Coloured elections for the House of Representatives took place on 22 August, and resulted in a victory for the Labour Party, headed by the Reverend Allan Hendrickse, which won 76 of the 80 seats. The Indian elections for the House of Delegates were held on 28 August and saw the National People's Party emerge as the largest party, winning 18 of the 40 seats.[1] The Indian elections were opposed by the United Democratic Front and were marked by boycotts and protests.[1]


In addition to the whites-only House of Assembly, a November 1983 referendum had approved the creation of two new houses an 80-member House of Representatives for Coloureds and a 40-member House of Delegates for Asians.


House of Representatives

Party Votes % Seats
Labour Party76
People's Congress Party2
Freedom Party1
Invalid/blank votes
Registered voters/turnout30.9
Source: African Elections Database

House of Delegates

Party Votes % Seats
National People's Party18
Progressive Independent Party1
Invalid/blank votes
Registered voters/turnout16.2
Source: African Elections Database


The United Nations Security Council passed Resolution 554 (1984) condemning the election, declaring it null and void as it was designed to entrench minority rule.


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