Type of site
Download & news website
Available in English, Romanian
Owner SoftNews NET SRL Romania
Alexa rank 1,913 (October 2017)[1]
Commercial Yes
Registration Optional (not compulsory to download software)
Launched 2001 (2001)
Current status Active

Softpedia is a website from Romania that indexes information and provides primarily software information and downloads. Its main sections are Windows, Mac, Linux, Games, Drivers, Mobile, Webscripts, and News. It also covers technology and science topics from both external and in-house sources, and it provides software and game reviews.

Wherever possible, it includes one or more screenshots of each application, often showing the application's menus to help illustrate its features. Unlike most other freeware websites, who are publishing mainly just information supplied by the author via e.g. Robosoft (a freeware publication tool), all product reviews at Softpedia are hand-written by professional reviewers working for the company itself.

Softpedia reviews feature both a 5-star reviewer‘s choice, as well as a public 5-star product voting that‘s open to every website visitor. Softpedia‘s products are sorted in various categories, and users can sort their category of choice by latest / most popular / most favourite downloads. As well, freeware and commercial offerings (shareware) are clearly separated from each other, according to the product license. Virtual awards are granted and displayed for adware, spyware and commercial-free applications.[2]

Softpedia does not repack software for distribution. It provides direct downloads of software in its original distribution form, links to developers' downloads, or both. In contrast to many other freeware websites though, Softpedia are hosting themselves. They allow to download the freeware and shareware products from their own Server, automatically scanned for viruses and malware, where appropriate.

Softpedia is a "popular destination for software downloads"[3] and has a website area, dedicated to tech reviews and news about IT, software and tech accessories.[4] It is owned by SoftNews NET SRL., a Romanian company.


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