Socialist Party of Florida

Socialist Party of Florida
Chairperson State Executive Committee
Founded 1902, became inactive in 2011
Headquarters Zephyrhills, FL
Ideology Democratic socialism
National affiliation Socialist Party USA
Colors Red
Seats in the Upper House
0 / 40
Seats in the Lower House
0 / 40

The Socialist Party of Florida (SPFL) is the Florida state chapter of the Socialist Party USA, a democratic socialist party. It has been inactive since 2011 and is no longer a registered political party.

History and political activity

The first Socialist Party of America (SPA) local in Florida was founded in Orlando on November 18, 1901, a few months after the national party was founded. The original Socialist Party of Florida was founded as a part of the SPA, July 14, 1902.[1] The Socialist Party of America voted 73:34 to change its name to Social Democrats, USA in December 1972.[2] SPUSA was founded in 1973, after which the SPFL was founded on March 16, 1998.

The SPFL became inactive in about June 2011 and on December 20, 2011, the Florida Division of Elections revoked the status of the SPFL as a registered party in the State of Florida.[3]

SPFL is active around several main issues. The SPFL is involved in the anti-war movements around Iraq and Afghanistan, working on behalf of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, and opposing the anti gay marriage amendment effort.[4] In addition, the SPFL worked on bringing a lawsuit against the State of Florida over violations of minor parties' First Amendment rights.[5]

While the party was primarily an activist organization, it was also an official minor party in Florida, which enabled it to field candidates for office.[6] The SPFL ran candidates for President in 2000 (David McReynolds)[7] and 2004 (Walt Brown).[8] In 2006, the SPFL attempted to field a write-in candidate for governor, but failed to gain eligibility.[9] SPFL member Brian Moore was nominated to run for President in 2008 by the SP national convention.[10] In 2010, SPFL member, David Maynard, was elected to the Hillsborough County Soil and Water Conservation Board.[11]

The SPFL had locals in the county of Broward and the Tampa Bay Area.[12]

Elected officials

Formerly and currently elected Florida Socialists:

  • Andrew Jackson Pettigrew, State Representative, Manatee County, 1907-1909[13]
  • C.C. Allen, State Representative, Pinellas County, 1909-1911[13]
  • John Dobler, Mayor, Gulfport, 1909-1911[13]
  • James Love, Mayor, Lake Worth, 1914-1916[13]
  • David Maynard, Hillsborough County Soil & Water Conservation Board, Seat 5 2010-[14]

Candidates for office

Gubernatorial candidates

  • 1916 — C. C. Allen[15]

U.S. Senatorial candidates

  • 1916 — R. L. Goodwin[16]
  • 1920 — M. J. Martin[16]

U.S. Representatives candidates


  • 2nd District — W. B Wood[17]
  • 3rd District — George S. Smith[17]


  • 1st District — C. C. Allen[17]
  • 3rd District — T. B. Meeker[17]


  • 1st District — C. C. Allen[17]
  • 2nd District — A. N. Jackson[17]
  • 3rd District — C. N. Wood[18]


  • 1st District — C. C. Allen[17]
  • 2nd District — Thomas W. Cox[19]
  • 3rd District — Eric Vonaxelson[19]


  • 1st District — C. C. Allen[17]
  • 2nd District — J. J. Collins[19]
  • 3rd District — W. N. Lamberry[19]
  • At-large — A. N. Jackson[19]


  • 1st District — Frank L. Sullivan[19]
  • 4th District — A. N. Jackson[19]


  • 1st District — C. W. Smith[20]
  • 2nd District — W. L. Case[20]
  • 4th District — Earl Hunt[20]


  • 20th District — Marc Luzietti[21]

Election results

Presidential nominee results

Since 1976, the Socialist Party USA has run a candidate for President of the United States. The party's nominee has been on the ballot in Florida in each election since 2000. The candidate who has received the highest vote total in Florida and nationally was former Oregon State Senator Walt Brown.

Year Nominee Votes
1976 Frank Zeidler (write-in) 8 (0%)
1980 David McReynolds (write-in) 212 (0.01%)
1984 Sonia Johnson (write-in) 58 (0%)
1988 Willa Kenoyer (write-in) 14 (0%)
1992 J. Quinn Brisben (write-in) 16 (0%)
1996 Mary Cal Hollis (write-in) 21 (0%)
2000 David McReynolds 622 (0.01%)
2004 Walt Brown 3,502 (0.05%)
2008 Brian Moore 405 (0%)
2012 Stewart Alexander 799 (.01%)
2016 Mimi Soltysik NA


The Socialist Party of Florida near the end of its life had four official logos. The linked hands over the world is the official logo of the Socialist Party USA, while the red carnation is the former logo of the SPUSA. The use of both logos was approved by the State Executive Committee of the SPFL in July 2007. In May, 2008, the SEC approved the use of the Red Star Over Florida. In February, 2010, the SEC approved yet another new logo, based on the linked hands over the world and the red star over Florida.


1.^ Despite the Socialist Party of Florida becoming inactive in 2011, Maynard is apparently still a member of the Socialist Party USA, and in office as of the fall of 2016.


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Further reading

  • Griffin, R. S. (2008). Workers of the sunshine state unite!: The Florida Socialist Party during the Progressive Era, 1900-1920. The Florida Historical Quarterly, 86(3), 346-379.


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