Socialist Party of Colorado

Socialist Party of Colorado
Ideology Democratic socialism
Socialist feminism
Political position Left-wing
National affiliation Socialist Party USA
Colors Red
SP of Colorado

The Socialist Party of Colorado was an affiliate of the Socialist Party of America, lasting from the first decade of the twentieth century to at least the 1950s. Later there was a Socialist Party of Colorado affiliated with the Socialist Party USA. The Socialist Party of Colorado engages in both electoral politics and non-electoral activism.

Election results

Presidential nominee results

Since 1976, the Socialist Party USA has run a candidate for President of the United States. The party's nominee has been on the ballot in Colorado in each election since 1996. The candidate who has received the highest vote total in Colorado was peace activist David McReynolds in 2000.

Year Nominee Votes Place
1976 Frank Zeidler None counted
1980 David McReynolds None counted
1984 Sonia Johnson None counted
1988 Willa Kenoyer None counted
1992 J. Quinn Brisben None counted
1996 Mary Cal Hollis 669 (.04%) 9th of 13
2000 David McReynolds 712 (0.01%) 8th of 10
2004 Walt Brown 216 (0.01%) 11th of 12
2008 Brian Moore 226 (0.01%) 12th of 16
2012 Stewart Alexander 308 (.01%) 11th of 14
2016 Mimi Soltysik 271 (.01) 21st of 22
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