Socialist Appeal (US, 1935)

Socialist Appeal was the name of a newspaper published by American Trotskyists from 1935 to 1941. It was started by supporters of the Trotskyist Workers Party of the United States in Chicago who had entered the Socialist Party of America in 1935 and was edited by Albert Goldman.[1][2] In 1936, when the Workers Party formerly dissolved and entered en masse into the SPA and in August 1937 the publication moved to New York City and was re-launched as the organ of the "Left Wing Branches of the Socialist Party" but was effectively controlled by the unofficial Trotskyist faction within the SPA. The "Socialist Appeal tendency" split from the Socialist Party to form the Socialist Workers Party in 1938. The publication became the official organ of the SWP and continued as Socialist Appeal until 1941 when it was renamed The Militant, reverting to the name of the original (1928-1934) Communist League of America publication.[3][4]


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