Social Democrats of Montenegro

Social Democrats of Montenegro
Socijaldemokrate Crne Gore
Социјалдемократе Црне Горе
Abbreviation SD
Leader Ivan Brajović
Founded 31 July 2015
Split from Social Democratic Party
Headquarters Podgorica
Ideology Social democracy[1]
Political position Centre to centre-left
2 / 81
Local Parliaments
63 / 786

Social Democrats of Montenegro (Montenegrin: Socijaldemokrate Crne Gore), also known as SD, is a political party in Montenegro formed in 2015 by a split faction of SDP that advocated unconditional support for the ruling DPS and its leader Milo Đukanović instead of pursuing an independent political course.


The party was founded in July 2015[2] after the split between two Social Democratic Party (SDP) vice-presidents Vujica Lazović and Ivan Brajović, and the party leader Ranko Krivokapić.[3][4] The faction which advocated unconditional support for the ruling DPS and its neoliberal economic policies went on to form a new party – SD, remaining in government despite never before having contested parliamentary elections. Ivan Brajović, Minister of Transport and Maritime Affairs in Government of Montenegro at the time, was chosen as the first president of the new party. It currently has two representatives in the Parliament of Montenegro, elected in 2016.


Parliamentary elections

Parliament of Montenegro
Year Popular vote % of popular vote Overall seats won Seat change Government
2015 Split from Social Democratic Party
3 / 81
3 government
2016 12,472 3.26%
2 / 81
1 government

Presidential elections

President of Montenegro
Election year Candidate # 1st round votes % # 2nd round votes % Note
2018 Milo Đukanović 1st 180,274 53.90% N/A DPS, support


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