Smilja Avramov

Smilja Avramov
Native name Смиља Аврамов
Born (1918-02-15) 15 February 1918
Pakrac, Austria-Hungary
Occupation Academician and professor of international law

Smilja Avramov (born 15 February 1918) is a Serbian academic, authority and educator in international law.[1] She was a member of the Senate of Republika Srpska 19962009.[2] Before she retired she was a professor of international law at the Law Faculty at Belgrade University.[3] She turned 100 in February 2018.[4]

Education and career

Avramov finished high school in Sušak in 1936. She was maternally related to Petar Preradović and Pavle Solarić.[5]

During World War II eleven members of her family were murdered at Jasenovac concentration camp.[6]

She graduated in the Zagreb Law Faculty in 1947.[6] She received her master's degree in London and PhD in Belgrade in 1950. She also studied in London, Vienna, Harvard and Columbia University.[6]

Since 1949 until her retirement Avramov worked as an assistant and professor in the Faculty of Law in Belgrade where she was also head of the Department for International Law and Relationships and director of the Institute for International Law. These positions included membership of the Judicial Council of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Yugoslavia. Avramov was active in many law associations including the one in Belgrade. She was president of the Yugoslav International Law Association and, since 1980, a president of the International Law Association.[7]

As distinguished scholar Avramov was a member of the first convocation of the Senate of Republika Srpska, serving from 1996 to 2009. Avramov was also a member of Committee on Formation of Customary (General) International Law whose report was submitted at London conference held in 2000.[8] Avramov was president of the International Confederation for Disarmament and Peace. Since 1999 Avramov has been a member of the presidency of the movement "Women authors – Conscience of Serbia".[6]

Public engagement

She publicly opposed the practice of humanitarian interventionism, emphasizing that the main danger for the modern world is neither nationalism or communism, but legal nihilism.[9]

Avramov published her work, The Trilateral, in which she claimed to expose conspiracy of the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission in the context of Balkans politics and global relations.[10] In 2006 Smilja Avramov was one of the professors who signed the request for rehabilitation of Dragoslav Mihailović.[11] Avramov had served as an advisor to Slobodan Milošević.[12]

Avramov expressed her disagreement in 2013 when the Government of Serbia signed the Brussels Agreement with the Government of Kosovo, emphasizing that it violates Serbia's constitution and the United Nations Charter and indirectly recognizes Kosovo as an independent state.[13]

Selected works

  • Međunarodno Javno Pravo, 1976
  • International criminal law and the UN Charter, 1993
  • Genocide in Yugoslavia, 1995[14]


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