Small World (U.S. TV series)

Small World was a children's animated anthology show and variety show, which aired on Cartoon Network in the 1990s every Sunday morning, Small World is also aired on BabyFirstTV in the 2000s, after another show aimed at preschoolers Big Bag. It sometimes aired on weekday afternoons at 1 PM PST. It featured several segments from animated TV programs from several countries around the world except for Japan, China, and Korea. Japan only has anime which only airs on Toonami on Cartoon Network.

The show ran on Cartoon Network from 1996 to 2002, and on BabyFirstTV from 2006 to 2007, however, not all cartoons on Small World were shown on BabyFirstTV, since some of them had different TV rights holders, such as Pingu, which aired on PBS Kids Sprout at the time. Until 2006, Small World was airing in Latin America, and Brazil.

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