Sky Soap

Sky Soap
Launched 3 October 1994
Closed 30 April 1999
Owned by British Sky Broadcasting
Audience share N/A (Channel, Closed)
Replaced Sky Arts
At time of closure
Analogue Astra 1E, 11.303H
Sky Channel 145
Astra 2A, 12.168V info

Sky Soap was a British Sky Broadcasting channel that showed a mix of American and British soap operas, including Emmerdale and Take the High Road.

The channel began broadcasting on 3 October 1994[1] from the Astra 1C satellite on weekdays between 8am and 12 noon. It was soon changed to between 12 noon and 4pm. In 1997, it moved to Astra 1B and was broadcast between 11am and 4pm. Due to poor viewing figures and failure to outreach with Sky Digital, Sky Soap ceased transmission on 30 April 1999.



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