Sindh Institute of Skin Diseases

Sindh Institute of Skin Diseases
Location Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
Funding Non-profit hospital
Hospital type Skin diseases hospital
Beds 50
Closed Sunday
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The Sindh Institute of Skin Diseases (Urdu: سندھ ادارہ برائے امراضِ جِلد) known as Skin Hospital (Urdu: چمڑہ ہسپتال) is a 50-bed dermatological hospital, the only public sector skin hospital located at Regal Chowk in Karachi.

The fifty-bedded hospital only deals with skin diseases with no fee or charges, as governed by Government of Sindh. Over 4,000 outpatients visit the hospital daily.

A minor operation theater is used for surgical procedures like excision and biopsies.

The pathology laboratory has a facility for routine blood tests along with other special tests like fungal scraping, tzank smear, LD bodies, tests for syphilis, hepatitis B and C virus, HIV serology, which are performed free of charge.

Oral and topical medications for common skin ailments like psoriasis, vitiligo, alpecia areata ,eczema, acne, bacterial and fungal infections and STDs are available.

Procedures like electric cautery, chemical cautery and cryotherapy are also done. A facility for phototherapy is also available.

Well-trained and experienced paramedical staff are available to serve the patients from different areas of Pakistan.

Working hours

8 am to 1 pm except Fridays when it closes at 12 pm.


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