Sicklepod tea

Type Tea
Country of origin Korea
Ingredients Sicklepod seeds
Korean name
Hangul 결명자차
Hanja 決明子茶
Revised Romanization gyeolmyeongja-cha
McCune–Reischauer kyŏlmyŏngja-ch'a
IPA [kjʌl.mjʌŋ.dʑa.tɕʰa]

Gyeolmyeongja-cha (결명자차; 決明子茶) or sicklepod tea is a tea made from roasted sicklepod seeds.[1]


About 20–30 grams (0.71–1.06 oz) of dried sicklepod seeds are roasted, and decocted in around 600 millilitres (21 imp fl oz; 20 US fl oz) of water.[2] Sugar or honey is not added.[2]


The name gyeolmyeongja means "the seed that brightens the eyes".[3] Gyeolmyeongja-cha is also used as herbal medicine.

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