Shaqir Vukaj

Shaqir Vukaj
Minister of Defence
In office
11 March 1997  25 July 1997
President Sali Berisha
Prime Minister Bashkim Fino
Preceded by Safet Zhulali
Succeeded by Sabit Brokaj
Personal details
Nationality Albanian

Shaqir Vukaj is an Albanian politician. He served as Minister of Defence from 11 March 1997 to 25 July 1997, during the Albanian Unrest of 1997. He replaced Safet Zhulali, who fled to Italy with his family days after resigning. [1]

His short tenure as defence minister was not without conflict. Following the sinking of a boat filled with Albanian refugees by the Italian Navy, Vukaj met with Italian Minister of Defence Beniamino Andreatta to discuss the withdrawal of Italian troops from Albania.[2] The Italian military was present in the country as part of Operation Alba, a multinational force mobilized following the Albanian Unrest of 1997. Anger at the sinking of the refugee boat resulted in rebel groups threatening to fire on Italian troops.[2]


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