Shanghai-Taipei City Forum

The Shanghai-Taipei City Forum (Chinese: 上海-台北城市论坛) or Taipei-Shanghai City Forum (Chinese: 台北-上海城市论坛) is an annual forum between the government and civilians of Shanghai and Taipei.


The forum was initially proposed in 2001 by civilian group as a channel for exchange between the two cities, and eventually the forum was launched in 2010 by Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-pin.[1][2]


SequenceDateVenue CityTheme/Remark
1st April 2010 Taipei[3]
2nd July 2011 Shanghai[4]
3rd 16 August 2012 Taipei[5][6]
4th July 2013 Shanghai[7]
5th 9 June 2014 Taipei[8]
6th August 2015 Shanghai[9]
7th 22-23 August 2016 Taipei Showing city vitality.[10][11][12]

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