Sha Tau Kok Control Point

Sha Tau Kok Control Point (Chinese: 沙頭角管制站) is a land immigration control point of Hong Kong, located in Sha Tau Kok, North District, New Territories, Hong Kong, along the border between mainland China and Hong Kong. The control point is mainly used by vehicles (cars and lorries). It acts as a border gateway from or to places in eastern Guangdong Province, such as Huizhou and Chaoshan. But it is one of the least frequently used immigration control point in Hong Kong.[1] Its counterpart across the border is the Shatoujiao Port.

The border is open from 7am to 10pm.[2]


Sha Tau Kok was the second cross-border road link between Hong Kong and China, after Man Kam To Control Point.[3] It was officially opened on 28 February 1985 by Zhen Xipui, deputy mayor of Shumchun, and John Boyd, a Hong Kong government official.[4]


Including both drivers and passengers, the Sha Tau Kok Control Point processed 3,866,065 people in 2015, making it the least-used of the four road border crossings in Hong Kong.[5]


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