Serbian Orthodox Eparchy of Frankfurt and all of Germany

Serbian Orthodox Eparchy of Frankfurt and all of Germany
Territory Germany
Headquarters Hildesheim-Himmelsthür, Germany
Denomination Eastern Orthodox
Sui iuris church Serbian Orthodox Church
Established 1990
Language Church Slavonic
Current leadership
Bishop Andrej Ćilerdžić (administrator)
Serbian Orthodox Eparchy of Frankfurt and all of Germany

The Serbian Orthodox Eparchy of Frankfurt and all of Germany (Serbian: Српска православна епархија франкфуртска и све Немачке, German: Serbische Orthodoxe Diözese von Frankfurt und ganz Deutschland), officially renamed in 2015,[1] and formerly known as Serbian Orthodox Eparchy of Central Europe (Serbian: Српска православна епархија средњоевропска, German: Serbische Orthodoxe Diözese für Mitteleuropa), is a Serbian Orthodox Church diocese in Germany.[2] It has its headquarters in Hildesheim-Himmelsthür, Germany.[3] Since 2017, administrator of the Eparchy is bishop Andrej Ćilerdžić of Austria and Switzerland.[4]


Until 1990, all Serbian orthodox churches in Germany belonged to the Serbian Orthodox Eparchy of Western Europe, which was founded in 1969. At the end of 1990, new diocese was created and named Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Central Europe. After the reorganization in 1994, jurisdiction of the diocese was confined to Serbian orthodox churches in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.[5]

In May 2011 new Serbian Orthodox Eparchy of Austria and Switzerland was created and the Diocese of Central Europe was reduced to the territory of Germany.[6] In May 2014, Archimandrite Sergije (Karanović) was elected as new Serbian Orthodox Bishop of Central Europe.[7][8] In 2015, the Diocese was officially renamed to Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Frankfurt and all of Germany.[9] In 2017, bishop Sergije was transferred to the Eparchy of Bihać and Petrovac, and the Eparchy of Frankfurt and Germany was placed under the administration of bishop Andrej Ćilerdžić of Austria and Switzerland.


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